Scarlet Pleasure

Scarlet Pleasure have announced their new tour and will perform at Skråen. All in all, the band is one of the more popular Danish bands and are ready to deliver a captivating show for all music fans.

In 2020, Scarlet Pleasure will launch their nationwide music tour, and will pay a visit to the four biggest cities in Denmark, herein Aalborg. The band is known for having performed at one of Denmark´s biggest arenas and music festivals such as “Grøn Koncert”, and at the “Orange Scene”. For their new music tour in this spring, the band will perform a couple of their very catchy hits such as “Deja Vu”, “Limbo” and “What A Life”. It was back in 2017, where the band especially gained a higher recognition at the Danish livescene, in which led to collecting a couple of statuettes at the GAFFA award show, “P3 Guld”, and at the popular Danish musical award show DMA. Furthermore, Scarlet Pleasure have just gained even more popularity and recognition in the Danish music world and are again ready to perform at the music venue Skråen in Aalborg with a few of their captivating hits.   

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