Rold Storkro

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Vælderskoven 13

9520 Skørping



Phone:98 37 51 00

fax:98 37 52 50

At Rold Storkro you will find a large selection of events, ventures, holiday deals, special Sunday offers, accommodation, courses, conferences, parties with free buss included and much more.

If you want to take some time off from your daily life, this place is perfect for a getaway - any day of the week. Or maybe you're just looking for a nice restaurant? Rold Storkro has it all. 

Rold StorKro Restaurant - a panoramic restaurant with a beautiful view of Gravlev Ådal and a deer enclosure just outside the hotel. Book a table at the restaurant HERE!

Celebrate at Rold StorKro

At Rold StorKro you'll find 6 separate rooms specially made for conferences, parties etc. So if you're looking to throw a party - big or small - you find the right facilities that suit your needs. Rold StorKro is known for its personal, cozy and relaxing environment and exceptional service.

Read much more about throwing a party or hosting an event at Rold Storkro HERE!

Take some time off at Rold Storkro

Staying at Rold Storkro is really something special. Take time off and enjoy the blossoming spring, the lovely summer season or see for yourself how the nature beautifully fades into autumn colours at fall. Rold Storkro has a wide selection of exciting and different types of holiday offers. Read more about it HERE!


Weekend holiday at Rold Storkro


Activities and events at Rold Storkro – everyone can join:


  • Sunday picnics
  • Sunday dinning
  • Visit the house of the poacher and the forrest witch
  • Vension Festival
  • Experience the TGT-Trio
  • American BBQ-evening


Conference and meetings –If you are looking for the perfect setting for your next business meeting or conference, Rold Storkro has a wide selection of modern and great facilities.


Vælderskoven 13

9520 Skørping





Meeting facilities

Car parking

Service Dogs allowed

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