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Rebildvej 25

9520 Skørping

This map, by the Danish Nature Agency, will show the routes in Rebild Bakker and Gravlev Valley. This map is a part of the Danish brochure informing about the springs, the restoration of the lake Gravlev Sø in Gravlev Valley and Rebild Bakker, however, this information is provided in English on the website here or in the brochures, which can be found at RebildPorten. 

On the map, different sight have been marked. They have been divided into four categories; Kalken (The Limestone), Kulturhistorien (Cultural History), Skoven (The Forest), and Vandet (The Water). In the following, you will find a brief explanation of the type of sight that can be found in each category. Each sight has been numbered, and this number can be found on the map.

What to experience

Kalken (The limestone): Places where you can experience the limestone in Rebild Bakker, such as Thingbaek Limestone Mines.

Kulturhistorien (Cultural History): Locations where you can experience part of the Danish culture and history, e.g. Lars Kjær House, Lincoln Log Cabin, and Rebild Bakker.

Skoven (The Forest): Shows where you can find the most famous parts of the forest such as Troldeskoven (known as troll forest or magic forest), and Frueskoen (the Lady Slipper)in Bjergeskoven.

Vandet (The water): Shows e.g. the springs in the area.

The hiking paths has been marked and each route indicates the distance of the route.

View the map of Rebild Bakker and Gravlev Valley here.


Rebildvej 25

9520 Skørping

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