OutNature Skagen

In beautiful Skagen and along the northern coast of Denmark, Outnature invites you to have a very special experience you will remember long after.

OutNature is here to take you, as well as your friends and family out into the wild, where together you can have a very special quality experience, whether on land or water.

OutNature creates exciting outdoor activities that are wide ranging for everyone to join.

Here you can try, for example: Kayaking & Tour, Catch a Crab, Bunker Treasure Hunt, Skagen painter for a day, MTB with guide. See description of the individual events below.

If you are a larger group of friends or family, do not hesitate to contact OutNature. Tours and activities can (largely) be booked all year round.

Kayaking & Safari

Bring Outnature out to sea and wave blue. Together with our experienced kayakers, you and your family get a basic introduction to handling the kayak on land and in the water. We adjust pace and distance to the group level. The walk goes up the coast while we enjoy the nature from the water and the sight of the local nature from a new perspective. If the waves are going, it allows us to surf the kayaks, which everyone can learn. The kayaks are for family trips by the beach. They are stable as they are wider than regular kayaks, and safe when sitting on top of them, rather than inside them, making them suitable for use with children and inexperienced. The Sit On Top kayaks are great for playing when there are waves and for fun trips with friends and family. Certificate not required.

MegaSUP Tour

Together with our experienced instructors, you and your family or friends will be introduced to handling the megaSUP on land and in water. We adapt the experience to water and weather conditions as well as the group's level.

The trip goes beyond the frothy waves of the surf, as if it were a rafting trip in Austria. This is closer to 'Wave rafting'.

The MegaSUP is for trips for groups and families looking for an action and adventure experience on the water. Megasurf with one of our instructors makes the experience safe and successful.

Catch a 'Crab

For families with children who want to spend quality time with their children. Here we gather and make our own crab catchers and use them here to catch the crabs. We talk about the crabs as well as the maritime wildlife that lives along the coast. When we catch and look at the animals we release them again. We do this with a smashing fun crab race. So whose crab comes first?

Bunker Treasure Hunt
Bunkers Treasure Hunt The Expedition leader from Outnature, takes you and your family on a treasure hunt, in the old bunkers of World War II in Skagen. Here you and your whole family can have an outdoor adventure experience without just. We need to learn how to use exciting and different tools and equipment, including GPSs, to find secret positions from found coordinates. The ropes join if it becomes necessary to fire us down from the bunker and the UV lamps help to trace us to the legendary and hidden treasure. A track from General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's journal is already in the hands of the expedition leader. But since the area is too big and dangerous to crawl on your own, he needs your help to find it. If you're ready for a wind-blowing outdoor experience, grab your parents. They should not be afraid! 

Mtb with guide
Are you ready to get wind of your hair and and speed of the wheels? Then join Outnatures mtb guide out on the cool tracks of the Skagen dune plantation. After briefing, it goes towards one of the many singletracks in the area. Here, technique is practiced for everyone, on the fine trails, and nature is enjoyed, while km after km is run under the unique setting. After about 2 hours it returns to the starting point. Before that, the group had a break at the campsite where the bonfire provided a good cup of bonfire coffee, while the good experiences of the day are refreshed.

Skagen's painter for a day. Skagen painter intro course
Our skilled painters have a very unique approach to the natural, and hit the spot like some of the few.
They are passionate artists with a very special cultural heritage when it comes to continuing the very challenging discipline, creating and painting directly in nature.
During this intro course, the artist will tell vivid stories about many of the well-known artists in the Skagen, while showing how to catch the light, the technique of sitting long while but expressing through individual brush strokes.


If you have not tried snorkeling in the open blue sea before, you now have the chance along the east coast in beautiful maritime Skagen. Bring Outnature into the water where a lively world awaits, as it is full of underwater life in the form of fish crabs and starfish. We come very close, but make sure everyone can join. A snorkeling trip should be seen as a nature experience that can both have a therapeutic character where you relax and simply enjoy the sight of the animal kingdom, but also as a learning opportunity to get very close to the animal kingdom.

Find dates and other information for the tours or activities at www.outnature.dk  or contact the team at + 45 20 60 70 71.