Ørum Sø

Photo: Thy Turistforening
Natural areas
Lake in the southern part of Thy National Park.

7760 Hurup Thy


The large, shallow lakes, Flade Lake (485 hectares) and Ørum Lake (442 hectares), were originally a part of the Krik Vig inlet, but they became lakes when, because of drifting sand, they were cut off from the inlet.

Until the mid-1800s, the lakes formed a continuous lake area. In 1868, there was an attempt to drain the lakes, but after a few years of cultivation of the lakebed, the attempt was given up because cultivation was unprofitable. Today Flade Lake is situated behind a protective sea dyke, and the two lakes are separated by a road on another dyke. 

The smaller Roddenbjerg Lake (18 hectares) between the lakes is more recent and is the result of peat-digging.


7760 Hurup Thy

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