The North Sea Oceanarium: The North Sea hunters

New exhibition at the North Sea Oceanarium about the North Sea Hunters - With and without teeth

The spring theme takes you through the North Sea food chain, where everything is about eating or being eaten! There are many strange animals and hunting methods under the North Sea surface. Most people probably think of sharks when they hear the word predator - but they are actually found in a wealth of shapes and sizes! Despite the fact that not all animals have teeth, they still hunt and eat other animals in clever ways - some more bizarre than others. Did you know, for example, that the teeth of the crabs are located right in the stomach? Or that the starfish slides his stomach out of his mouth to eat? Most importantly, the connection between the different animals and how they interact. Take a look at nature's amazing way of solving life's challenges from the smallest to the greatest hunters and get really close to the teeth of sharks, narwhal and walrus.