Nørlund and Torstedlund Forests

Nørlund and Torstedlund forests are private, and must only be entered in accordance with the regulation for private forests.

On the map, you will find three hiking routes.

One route will pass by the Airmen’s Stone, in Danish named Flyverstenen. A memorial, which reminds one of the history in Denmark. 

Another will pass by the grave of the last private owner of Nørlund Castle, Georg Alexis Hornemann. The owner is buried with his horse and two dogs.

The last route will pass by Manepælen, which the myth speaks had been used as a spear to impale a witch, and the spear made sure the witch could not rise from her grave.

These routes have been marked with yellow.

View the map of Nørlund and Torstedlund forests here.  (Only in Danish)