NaturmadThy has the nature in Thy as part of their pantry.

NaturmadThy (Nature Food Thy) 

The nature in Thy offers a wide range of wonderful flavours and healthy ingredients. I offer guided tours where we discover and gather the season's herbs, berries and mushrooms. Nature is like a pantry, where knowledge and imagination can inspire a variety of varied and healthy meals.

Gastronomy in the nature 

In the summer 2018, I will host a series of nature events in Thy National Park, in Vejlerne an around the Limfjord.

Details of the events at during Events.

The Cook and The Catering 

I offer take-away food delivered to companies and events - for you to enjoy in the nature or at home. The food is homemade and prepared with products from the local nature and also local products of Thy. I can offer different menus compiled with seasonal ingredients.

Menus and prices af under "Kogekone and Catering".

Cake and Coffee 

I offer take-away coffee and cake for your trip out into the wild nature. And I can tell you the stories of my coffee farm Finca El Doradite in Nicaragua. It is a socially sustainable highland coffee from the coffee district Murra, located in northern Niccaragua clos to the border with Honduras.

More info under "Coffee and Cake".