Mountainbiking in Rebild

In Rebild, the chance to create wonderful outdoors experiences on a bike is outstanding. You can ride your bike everywhere in Rebild, but in the forest Rold Skov, you will find some of the best mountain bike trails in Denmark.

Mountain biking in Rold Skov is both for the beginners on new adventures, but also experienced riders, who seek a challenge. The tracks in Rold Skov are a part of the “10 Spir”, which is identified as some of the best trails in Denmark by The Danish Nature Agency. The trails of the “10 Spir” are all located in state forests, and are characterised by the ability to provide challenges for riders at all levels.

The tracks in Rold Skov are all marked and mapped, and are moving through a beautiful scenery. The terrain is changing between gravel roads, single tracks, shallow areas, and hilly areas. Currently, there are four trails in rold skov: “Den Store Rold Skov rute”, “24-timers ruten”, Denmark’s largest downhill track, and a track for practicing technique.

The trails in Rold Skov has four levels of difficulty.

Blue: Easy
Red: Medium
Black: Difficult
Orange: Extreme

When riding the tracks in Rold Skov, you will pass by many different attractions. Once you have finished the “Den Store Rold Skov rute”, you will have passed by St. Økssø, Stendalen, Ravnkilde and Gravlev river valley.

If you want to try mountain biking, you can find information about local bike rentals on this site. If you want to ride with a guide, you can also find information about local guides and their contact information.

If you want more information about the trails in Rold Skov Forest, you can use the app “Singletracker”. This app will show you the routes but also inform you about route ratings and much more. Find the Singletracker-app here.

Mountain bike code of conduct

Ride where you are allowed:

- In nature you may only ride a bike on roads and paths. 
- Avoid paths for horseback riding, hiking etc. outside forest roads. 
- Biking on ancient monuments, burial mounds, dikes and stairs it not allowed. 
- Biking in private forests is not allowed from sundown to 6:00 in the morning.

Ride responsibly:
- Adjust your speed and keep your distance - the Danish Road Traffic Act also apply to the nature. 
- Ride with others, and remember helmet, phone, 112-app and Health Insurance-card.
- Protect the trails in periods with bad weather by using solid tracks and forest roads.

Show consideration: 
- Ride at an easy pace when you meet others. As early as possible, use a bell or a verbal “ding-ding” to alert that you are approaching. 
- Do not dump waste in nature. 
- Avoid places with many forest visitors, and protect the animals and vegetation.