The Marguerite Route - In the top of Denmark

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The Marguerite Route - In the top of Denmark

The Marguerite Route is named after Queen Margrethe II, since here nickname is "Daisy". The route is 3600 km long and covers some of the most beautiful parts of Denmark. The route is for those who have time on their hand and wants to enjoy scenic nature while driving. In the Top of Denmark, the nature is very divers and there is an opportunity to experience both the east- and the west coast, cultural attractions and the lovely nature.

The route will take you through Børglum Abby, Rubjergknude and the lighthouse by Lønstrup, The Lilleheden Plantation in Hirtshals, Uggerby creek, Tversted, Mosbjerg, Tolne, Elling, The area of Bangsbo in Frederikshavn, The coast museum in Sæby, Voreså and Præstebro.

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