London Pub

At London Pub you are guaranteed an atmosphere in true English style. The selection includes 75 different types of bottled beer, ten permanent tap beers, and two taps with changing independent brands.

The wide selection in beer
In London Pub, you can always experience a new and interesting beer. Among other things, they have their so-called guest taps, where small and unknown breweries are introduced to the curious customers. Among the breweries included are: Refsvindinge from Funen, Sloeber from Belgium, as well as specialties from British Fuller’s.

Central location in the heart of Aalborg
London Pub is perfectly situated on 'Boulevarden' from which you can really feel the pulsating life of Aalborg. From April 1st to October 31st. the pub offers outdoor serving. You are off course also welcome to sit inside and enjoy an exciting football match, both from the Danish Superliga or other major leagues, such as Premier League and La Liga. Be aware that smoking is allowed inside.

Aalborg Beerwalk
London Pub is part of Aalborg Beerwalk – a great way to familiarise yourself with the best pubs in Aalborg. With this offer, you can sample 6 well-poured special beers from 9 different pubs in the centre of Aalborg.

London Pub is open Monday through Saturday – however, with differing opening hours.