Lejrskolen Lille Norge

The camp school ’Lille Norge’ is located in a scenic landscape.

Lille Norge is owned by Jammerbugt council and part of the department of children and culture, Kultur og Fritid. Lille Norge is an offer for municipal primary and lower secondary schools, institutions and associations for children and young people in the council.

The camp school is also for private rent.

Prices for schools, institutions and associations:
300 kr. per day

Rental rates for private:
1st day: 3000 kr
subsequent days: 2000 kr
Cleaning: 1000 kr
Deposit: 900 kr
fee: 100 kr

A total of 1 day: 5000 kr
A total of two days: 7000 kr
Deposit returned within 14 days

The rental runs from 12:00 to 12:00 pm. Rent is incl. consumption

For booking or reservation, please contact VisitJammerbugten on telephone: 7257 8970 

Lille Norge is furnished with bunk beds in rooms of 4 people and offers 2 rooms, each with a separate bed for group leaders. Dining hall. 2 large grills. Tables and benches outside. Various games, washing machine, coffee makers, tableware etc. for 34 people is included.