Look forward to LAND-SKAB, Kunstens newest exhibition. Experience how landscapes and nature have been expressed in art throughout history, from painting to sound-art, from romantic works to the abstract.

LAND-SKAB is Kunstens newest exhibition which runs from 24 June till 7 March 2021. The exhibition explores how art has documented the genre of nature and landscape over the past centuries. Now you can experience a myriad of art representing this genre, from pictures, drawings, paintings to sound and even old gentlemen jackets! Visit Kunsten and adventure through the exhibition of beautiful interpretations of nature in art.

Kunsten, one of Denmark's largest museums of modern art

Right on the border between the city and the beautiful nature surrounding Aalborg, you can find the world-renowned museum. It almost looks like Kunsten is a sculpture growing out of the green landscape to create a beautiful setting for world-class art.

The museum has a large collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as multiple exhibitions. The artists behind this collection of art are both Danish and international. The building itself is a masterpiece, and many of those who visit the museum consider the building to be a large part of the art experience.

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