Keramikcafé Møllehuset - Friday Pizza

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Come and enjoy Keramikcafé Møllehusets garden, ceramics, cafe and view at Vennebjerg's beautiful mill.

Skallerupvej 810, Lønstrup

9800 Hjørring

Keramikcafé Møllehuset, Friday pizza

Fridays in July.

We make freshly baked pizzas from the ground with good ingredients - if the weather is good we turn on our outdoor stone oven for just the right pizza base.

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Come and enjoy our garden, the ceramics and the café as well as the view from Vennebjerg's beautiful mill!

Ceramics Café Mill House, Skallerupvej 810, Lønstrup


Skallerupvej 810, Lønstrup

9800 Hjørring


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