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Hjortdal Dyrefarm - Hjortdal Animal Park

Hjortdal Dyrefarm (animal farm) is situated in the middle of the scenic Svinkløv Plantation only 1.5 km from the North Sea at Slettestrand. The park is about 13.600 acres. Besides several playgrounds and our many exciting animals, we offer crazy golf and pony riding at the height of the season. If you feel like having a unique and quite different experience, it is possible to spend the night in shelters among the animals.

We have approx. 350 animals of about 50 breeds. You may pat a lot of animals like e.g. sheep and goats, rabbits and donkeys. Furthermore, we have many exotic animals like i.a. racoons and coatis, kangaroos, various squirrels, birds and arctic foxes.

Our cafe with a panorama view of the North Sea offers a varied menu, cold and warm drinks, ice cream etc.

We hope you will have a fine summer!

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