The hiking route Tranum-Fosdal

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Strandvejen 37, Tranum

9460 Brovst



The hiking route Tranum-Fosdal is a tour of 11 km. You experience the highest point of the Bay, which is Bavnehøj and continue via Ingeborgs Bakker to Fosdalen. The way back is along the upper edge of Lien with a visit to the valley of Langdalen.

You may shorten the tour - there are 5 short cuts, so you have a free choice either of 2.7 km, 6 km, 7 km or 10 km (if you choose the red, tortuous path opposite Fosdalen, the tour will be more than 11 km).

You may also choose to start the tour from Fosdalen, and here, too, you may plan your tour at your own individual length.

If you want to go through the total tour, you have to expect approx. 3-4 hours’ fresh air!

The route has been established by Tranum Landsbyråd in cooperation with Naturstyrelsen Thy and Jammerbugt Kommune (the Bay).

The route will be certified as a premium route, and consequently it will live up to the most severe demands made on hiking routes in Europe.

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Strandvejen 37, Tranum

9460 Brovst


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