Have you ever drank cocoa at the northern tip of Denmark and been told "Grenen story"?

Have you ever been drinking cocoa at the northernmost tip of Denmark and been told the history of "Grenen"?

This day you have the chance for both!

We meet at "Grenens" parking lot and drive with "Sandormen" to the tip. Along the way, guide Hanne Aavang tells about the exciting history of "Grenen" - how it looked like a few hundred years back and how the landscape has changed today.

At the very top of "Grenen", staff from Jakobs Café serves a cup of smoking hot cocoa.

When we are blown through, "Sandormen" returns to the parking lot and on the way back you get the second part of the history of "Grenen".

Price: DKK 125, -.

Tickets are to be purchased at the latest the day before at VisitSkagen, Vestre Strandvej 10, Skagen.

Note! Limited number of seats.