Glenstrup Lake

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Angling waters

Glenstrup Sø

9500 Hobro

Glenstrup Lake

Glenstrup Lake is 4-5 kilometers east to west making it very senistive to wind. Along the lake, you'll find three points enabling boat fishing - no matter the direction of the wind. 

With its 384 hectares, Glenstrup Lake is the largest in Northern Jutland, and also one of the steepest with a depth of approx. 35 meters, and is therefore a very popular place for anglers.

Protected seasons and minimum size for the fish:


Fish Proteced season Minimum size
Trout 16/11 - 15/1 40 cm.
Pickerel 1/4 - 30/4 60 cm
White Fish 1/11 - 31/1 36 cm
Perch None None
Eel Not allowed to catch  - 


Regulations and rules for fishing in Glenstrup Sø

  1. everybody must have both the states fishing license and a special license for Glenstrup Lake in order to fish
  2. the license is private, and time fixed. It must be brought at all times, and shown when asked.
  3. signs, protected and forbidden areas must be respected. Areas marked with RED is forbidden. 
  4. only rod and line can be used for fishing in Glenstrup Lake
  5. NO eel fishing 
  6. Sailers must show consideration for others, and speed cannot exceed 5 knobs 
  7. NO fishing and sailing within 25 meters from shore
  8. sailing is only allowed according to agreement with respective landowner
  9. laws for fishing, sizes etc. must be respected.
  10. clean up after yourself. 


Fishing licences for Glenstrup can bo bought online here



  • 1 day: DKK 60,-
  • 1 week: DKK 250,-
  • 6 months: DKK 350,-
  • 1 year: DKK 500,-
  • free for seniors and children under 15 years

Check out GlenstrupSø.dk for further information


Glenstrup Sø

9500 Hobro


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