Flextrafik (Plustur) in Mariagerfjord

Plustur is a public transportation option, where a bus will pick you up and take you to the nearest station, bus stop etc. Plustur is only an option if you are taking another kind of public transportation like bus or train on your journey.

Plustur will connect your home address/holiday address or other, with the nearest place to take the train or bus for your continuing journey. 

You can order your transportation online and get picked up on an address of your choice. The price will be calculated so you know what to pay. 

The concept of Plustur is to gather as many people as needed and is a kind of carpooling, where other passengers are also on board. Therefore the trip does not necessarily go directly from your chosen address to your destination - there will probably be some detours on the way.   


How to:

On the site rejseplanen you can order and pay for your trip - it is also possible to order through the apps Rejseplanen or MinRejseplan.


Find more information about Plustur here! (only available in Danish)