The Fiddler´s Museum

Museum Rebild

Museum Rebild, also known as the Fiddler’s Museum, was established in 1951, and is located by Rebild National Park and the surrounding Rold Skov.

At the museum, you can see cultural-historic collections from the Rold Skov forest area, Rebild, the fiddler museum, folk music in Northern Jutland, and Rebild’s folk music archive. You can also get a glimpse of the forest and humans through time.

There will be different activities at the museum during the year. Among these activities is exhibits and workshops for craftsmanship and handicraft, folk dancing, and music.


30 Danish Kroner - Children under the age of 14 is free.

75 Danish Kroner for groups of min. 10 people (including coffee and cake)

Contact Museum Rebild at + 45 98 39 16 04 for agreement.