Escape Denmark Frederikshavn

The door is locked. The key is missing. The clock is ticking…

Can you break the codes, solve the puzzles and work together as a team?

The mystery is waiting for you in Denmark's best escape rooms. Enjoy!

An escape room is a game where you get locked up in a room with your group. Then, you get 60 minutes to complete your mission: getting out of the room.

You complete your mission by working together, thinking creatively, solving puzzles and by resolving the tasks and challenges you are presented with.

To solve your mission, you have to find a number of clues which will help you move forward. The clues can be hidden, visible, locked up or something entirely different. Usually, you'll solve puzzles or break codes to gain access to new clues that will then give access to more clues. Nothing is as it looks like in an escape room and you will get plenty of fun surprises during the game.

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