The Energy Route (Energiruten) in Brønderslev

Photo: Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme
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Øster Kærvej 50

9700 Brønderslev

At the Energy Route, you can learn about energy extraction and utilization from peat to sun and wood chips energy - and have fresh air and exercise at the same time.

The route takes you to Brønderslev Forsyning's new power plant, where you get a unique peep inside the production hall.


The route also includes beautiful nature just outside the city of Brønderslev.

Start the route at Øster Kærvej just beside/northward from the power plant at Øster Kærvej 50.


Øster Kærvej 50

9700 Brønderslev


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