Dronninglund Slot, Meetingplace

Dronninglund Castle, Conference center
Conference center, hotel and restaurant in the middle of the hart of Jutland. The small castle was originally a nunnery and built at some point in the 11th century. Later on it became the summer resident of the
Danish Crown and was named 'Dronninglund Slot' which means something like’ Queens Lund Castle’. In present time it is well-restored with a deep respect for its exciting inheritance and beautiful surroundings.
Dronninglund Castle is now owned by an independent foundation, whose mission is to own and preserveitself with adjoining land.

There are many reasons for why Dronninglund Castle is a good and popular place for conferences or day meetings: Lovely surroundings, beautiful and historical buildings, the Castle Restaurant with its gourmet
food and the personals expertise just to mention the main reasons. The premises can accommodate from two and up to 200 guests. Because of this the castle is used for about 140 meetings a year and your group
of people is more than welcome as well.
The Castle personal helps you arrange your conference, suggest creative ideas and to arrange all the practical matters so that you can concentrate solely on the purpose of the meeting. The reception can help you copy and send/receive messages; they can book you trains, taxis, ferries and flights. They’ll do pretty much everything to make your stay as comfortable and proceed as smoothly as possible.
Fruit, ice water, WiFi, conference room, group rooms and audiovisual equipment is included in the price.

The following equipment is at your disposal:
- Overhead projector
- Whiteboard and magnetic board
- Projector
- WiFi
- Video and monitor
- Flip over
- Slide projector
- Screen
- Interpretation facilities (Simultaneous - 3 channels)

Day meetings and meetings with overnight Dronninglund Castle offers meeting packages both with and without overnight and in various lengths.
Please call or write the castle to get an offer. Transportation by flight, bus or taxis can be arranged.

Dronninglund Castle is located just outside the small city Dronninglund - close to city, beach and forest. This beautiful yet cozy Danish pearl is placed in lovely nature in the middle of Jyske Ås. Jyske Ås is a belt of
nature shaped in the ice age. With its forests and hills it measures about 18x5 kilometers and is filled with routes for hikers and bikers. The castle staff will be happy to recommend routes if your legs need stretching
before, under or after the meeting. It is also possible to book a guide in the forest if you need to spice up your walk or we can help you with a large verity of team building activities.
Guided tours inside the castle are also very popular as well as wine tasting and the so called “kok amok” arrangement. At the Kok Amok your conferees helps the cook to cook your gourmet meals and the waiter
will teach you to put together food and wine.

Points of Interests
In the area you find Droninglund art center, Alderslyst vineyard (the most northern located vineyard in the
world), tennis courts, golf courses, horse breeding farms and much more.
There is a variety of small stores in Dronninglund city and if you are a big spender, you will find the 5th
largest city in Denmark, Aalborg, only 30 kilometers away.

Openings hours
The Castle is open all year long except during Christmas (approx. 21st of December until 3rd of January).
The reception is open every day from 8am until 22.30 pm except from Sundays.
For offers or booking please call +45 98 84 33 00 or write an email to