Dansefestival med VIKINGARNA m. Christer Sjögren

The Only concerts in DK - Dansefestivalen Frederikshavn - Double concert, choose between the 6th or the 7th. of August 2021

The legendary Swedish dance band, VIKINGARNA has for decades been the largest dance band in the Nordic countries and many have sung on huge hits such as: High mountains, deep sea, Leenda golden brown eyes, You are my summer, Marie, Saturday's dance tonight, You disappeared like a wind, Tonight, My Own Blue Hawaii, The Big Day, Speleman, Melody, Hello Caribbean, Can You Love Someone From A Distance - And Many More.

And now you have the opportunity to experience them twice in Frederikshavn in connection with a whole new event - a festival for the wide and dance-happy audience from near and far.

The dance festival is a total experience with quality dining served in beautiful surroundings, and then Scandinavian top class dance music, with Vikingarna and Christer Sjögren as the main name, and two more good dance orchestras.

Program both days: (Note: times are indicative)

4.30pm: The doors open
5.00-7.00 pm.: Dining - a fantastic country house buffet is served
7.00-9.00 pm.: Warm-up dance band
9.00-11.00 pm: VIKINGARNA with Christer Sjögren (2 x 50 min with break)
11.00pm-01.00 am: After dance with extra dance band

Tickets are available at: www.shop.dansefestivalen.dk 

Follow us on www.dansefestivalen.dk  - and look forward to VIKINGARNA at Knivholt Hovedgaard in Frederikshavn.

Note: There are limited seats for the two concert days.