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Lingerie from 15 well-known brands, A-K cup

Denmark’s largest selection of swimwear – all year! A-JJ cup

Beachwear, nightwear, make-up from Nilens Jord and much more…

We strive to offer a service which is out of the ordinary, it is not enough to just point at an item and pay for it.

We are very knowledgeable within our field, and we love to share this knowledge with you, therefore, we listen carefully to our customers and we do our best to meet your wishes. We take our time in the changing rooms as it is normal for us to spend most of the time here to help the customer. This way we ensure the products we have in the shop are the right ones for you.

Data shows that only 30% of women uses the right size of bra, every day we strive to make more women aware of this, which is why it is not uncommon that a customer leaves the shop with a size they did not expect to have.

Our goal is to show how beautiful people of all ages and sizes are, and that is why we create our own magazine every year to show how awesome it is to be unique and that you don’t have to look like the models in the big fashion magazines.

Here is the summer issue from 2019!