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Some of North Jutland's

Sights and Attractions

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Unique highlights of North Jutland

North Jutland offers unique nature areas, art and culture, all in a class of their own, and of course lots of attractions you should not miss out on. The experiences are lined up for you and we have gathered some of the highlights for you to explore, on this page.

Explore nature

In North Jutland, nature is special. Here you can explore the beautiful lighthouses, breath fresh air along the vast coastline and enjoy the view of the diverse landscape.

Lighthouses in North Jutland

Along the coast of North Jutland, you will find some of the finest and most iconic lighthouses in Denmark. The lighthouses are part of the trademark for North Jutland and are extremely popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

The northernmost point of Denmark

Experience the northernmost point of Denmark, Grenen, where you can see the two seas collide.

Beautiful views

In North Jutland, you will find magnificent views all over. From amazing vistas along the coast to hill top views above the moors and woodlands.

The best beaches

Here you will find some of the best beaches in North Jutland, from the roaring North Sea to the child-friendly breaches on the east coast.

The island of Mors

Experience the gem of the Limfjord, Mors. Here you can find fossils, animal life and plants by the 'moler' and Hanklit.

Råbjerg Mile

Just south of Skagen, you can experience the largest wandering dune in Denmark. After a walk here you need to take a break and empty the shoes of sand. At the top, a magnificent view is waiting for you.

Activities in the nature of North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find a nature full of adventure. Experience the impressive nature on an active holiday with beautiful hikes, water activities, amazing bicycle routes and much more!

National Park Thy

"The Last Wilderness of Denmark" - as the national park is known as - here you will find lots of different nature, from the coast, dunes, moors, heaths and much more. Grab your hiking boots and binoculars and experience some of the best birdlife in Denmark.

Experience art and culture in North Jutland

Experience some of North Jutland's many art and culture treasures. Explore the exciting museum, go to the theatre or visit one of the many interesting craftsmen. Or you can visit one of the many historic castles and manor houses. 

Architecture in North Jutland

North Jutland offers many architectonic gems. Explore the waterfront in Aalborg, with lots of new buildings, such as the Utzon Center and the House of Music. Experience the new theatre in Vendsyssel or Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse.

Art and Culture

Many artists and are working and living in North Jutland, and it has been that way for many years. From the famous Skagen Painters to local craftsmen, North Jutland has always attracted artist. this means that you have many opportunities to experience the art and culture of the region.

Churches and Abbeys

Visit abbeys, churches, castles and manor houses which all tell spectacular stories of the history of North Jutland.

Bunkers in North Jutland

Vestiges from the 2nd World War are scattered all over North Jutland, on the coast, you will find the bunkers that now stand as reminders of wartime, ...


Experience first-class dramas on the theatre stages in North Jutland. Here you will find new pieces and old pieces which will create memories for life...

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Memorable experiences await you in North Jutland.

The most popular attractions in North Jutland

Photo: Nordsøen Oceanarium

Explore activities in North Jutland

Visit the attractions of North Jutland and explore the many activities. Escape everyday life with a trip to Aalborg Zoo or pamper yourself and your loved ones with a trip to the spa or visit one of the many amazing restaurants. The opportunities are many and the sights are all waiting for you to arrive.


Gastronomy in North Jutland

In North Jutland, the taste experiences are out of this world, sit back and let the chefs take you on a gastronomical journey of the region. Seafood, locally sourced meats, produce and much more is almost always part of the menu in North Jutland.

Events in North Jutland

Here you will find some of the largest events in North Jutland. Find out what is happening near you.

Outdoor activities

With a spectacular nature that is always close by, it is natural to pack the hiking boots, running shoes or the bicycle. Explore North Jutland however...

Cosy towns

Experience the 'little big city' Aalborg, Skagen at the tip of Denmark, the beach towns of Blokhus, Løkken or Øster Hurup, all with be the perfect bac...

Pampering and Wellness

In North Jutland, you can let the calm wash over you. There are many opportunities for relaxation and wellness. Spend a day or the whole holiday at on...