Vinterferie æbler og hyacinter i sne

Winter holiday in North Jutland

Photo: VisitNordjylland

Spend a magical winter holiday in North Denmark. Here you will find fun and adventurous activities for all ages. Wintertime in North Jutland means slowing down, enjoying each other and creating amazing memories.


Time for the family

Go for a walk on the beach and enjoy the fresh winter breeze, sip on a cup of hot cocoa and indulge in some quiet time with the family. North Jutland offers an abundance of activities and attractions for the entire family during, the winter holiday week. Spend the holiday at one of North Jutland's holiday resorts, where everything is at your doorstep and you can sit back and relax. 

Read more about activities, events and coziness for the whole family in your winter holiday.

Experience winter in North Jutland

Spend your days drinking hot cocoa in front of the fireplace and play board games with the family, or go outside and enjoy the fresh winter air in North Jutland, there are plenty of activities to choose from.

Indoor activities for kids

North Jutland has activities for all year-round. Even when the weather is bad, you will have plenty to do. Jump in one of the many indoor pools and water parks or visit the indoor playgrounds. You will also find lots of indoor cultural activities in the region.

Outdoor activities for kids

All-year-round you will find lots of exciting outdoor activities for the entire family in nature but also in the cozy towns along the coast. North Jutland is known for its unique nature experiences, and the opportunities are many.

Cinemas in North Jutland

Indoor play centres in North Jutland

Røverknolden Outdoor Playground by Rold Forest

At ’Røverknolden’ you have the chance to get a lot of fun experiences, explore ”The Big World” – a sensory path where you can discover the animals and mushrooms of the forest or play on the many wooden instruments in the Musical Outdoor Space.

Indoor swimming pools and waterparks

In North Jutland, you are never far away from the water, even if its a rainy day you will find indoor pools and waterparks everywhere.

Aalborg Zoo

Explore animal species from all over the world at Aalborg Zoo. Be fascinated by the chimpanzees, see the African elephants play outside or discover your personal favourite animal.

Exploring "hygge" in Northern Jutland

Experience "hygge" in North Jutland

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Explore the towns

North Jutland has lots of small cosy towns and villages with amazing atmosphere. Visit  Skagen , known for the famous painters and the small yellow houses bathed in a unique light. Along the west coast, you will find  Lønstrup ,  Løkken  and  Blokhus . The popular beach towns along the coa...

Animal experiences

Experience nature in its true moments. In North Jutland, you can explore nature and its animals up close. From one of the animal parks to the national parks and nature centres, where animals run free. See the wild birds or spot a seal in National park Thy , encounter a moose in Lille Vil...

Free experiences in North Jutland

Free experiences in North Jutland