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Halloween in North Jutland

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Do not be scared, it is just Halloween, and it is all over North Jutland. Fun, trickery, and hair-raising experiences are awaiting you and your family.

Even though Halloween is an American tradition, it has over the years become more and more popular in Denmark. All over North Jutland, you will find many activities for the entire family and Jack o' lanterns adorn the countryside in all shapes and sizes.

History of Halloween

Halloween originally originates from the Christian All Saints' Day, which falls on the 1st of November. It was a day of remembrance for all saints that did not have their own day of remembrance. In the United States they have been celebrating Halloween on the 31st of October for many years because they believed that witches, ghosts and dark powers haunted the living on that night - and therefore gave Halloween the symbol of scare. With the reformation, All Saints' Day instead became a day of remembrance for all Christians and all the dead during the past year and the day was moved to the first Sunday in November.

Halloween today

Halloween today is more like the American tradition, where children dress up and go trick-or-treating. Moreover, there is a great tradition of carving pumpkin lanterns, which in Denmark is a symbol for Halloween - and which decorate many homes across the country on the 31st of October. The tradition of the pumpkin lanterns originates from an old Irish legend about Jack of the Lantern but has over the years been established in Danish homes. Every year for Halloween, shops and facades are decorated for the holiday and the atmosphere of 'scare' spreads all over the town.


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