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Christmas in North Jutland

Photo: Daniel Brandt Andersen

Christmas is the festival of hearts in Denmark and you will find "hygge" in every living room. The towns and historic buildings around North Jutland are all decorated with beautiful Christmas lights, and you can be sure your stay will be magical.


Experience some of the most traditional Christmas markets, they are definitely worth a visit! In November and December, North Jutland is transformed into a true fairy-tale land of cosy Christmas markets, where you can spoil your taste buds with delicious food, find Christmas decorations, Santa's elves, listen to the music and experience the Christmas traditions of Denmark. Feel the heat from a warm mug of 'gløgg' at the Christmas market in Aalborg, experience the light show at the magical sculpture park in Blokhus, or feel the Christmas atmosphere at one of the historic abbeys, churches, castles and manor houses in North Jutland.

Christmas in North Jutland

TV Christmas calendars filmed in North Jutland

Each year on the main TV channels of Danish TV run Christmas calendars, they are mostly for kids, but grown-ups enjoy them as well. In the past couple of years, two of these were filmed in North Jutland, "Ludvig and Santa" (Ludvig og Julemanden) and the follow up: The Twins and Santa" (Tvillingerne og Julemanden), and you can see the original props at Rebildcentret and the Børglum Abbey.

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