Familie i efterårs skov

Autumn holiday in North Jutland

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Autumn is the time for many exciting and cozy family activities in Northern Jutland. The cities along the coast are bustling with life and they all have adventures waiting for you.

Visit the haunted shipyard at the harvest fest in Fårup Sommerland, explore the delicious food and cozy atmosphere at the Skagen Musicfestival or attend one of the many scary Halloween events in North Jutland. Try to be a zookeeper for a day in Aalborg Zoo or explore the new exhibition the hunters of the North Sea at the North Sea Oceanarium, the opportunities are many.

Family events during the autumn holiday

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Nature in North Jutland

In North Jutland, there is plenty of nature to explore, and you will find many nature experiences which will take you on a trip through time.


North Jutland offers unique nature areas, art and culture, all in a class of their own, and of course lots of attractions you should not miss out on. The experiences are lined up for you and we have gathered some of the highlights for you to explore, on this page.

Art and Culture

Many artists and are working and living in North Jutland, and it has been that way for many years. From the famous Skagen Painters to local craftsmen, North Jutland has always attracted artist. this means that you have many opportunities to experience the art and culture of the region.  Be...

Autumn in North Jutland

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North Jutland for kids

In North Jutland you will never be bored, there are plenty of activities and experiences for kids and grown-ups all year. 

Attractions on the West Coast of North Jutland

The west coast of North Jutland is a holiday paradise, with experiences for kids and grown-ups. You will find an abundance of history and culture, act...

Attractions on the East Coast of North Jutland

The east coast of North Jutland is known for is calm Kattegat sea. Here you will find lots of child-friendly beaches and discover beautiful nature, at...

The 10 most popular attractions in North Jutland

Bring your family to North Jutland and go on an adventure in the 10 most popular attractions.

The family in North Jutland

No matter what you prefer to experience on your family holiday, North Jutland is the place to do it. You and your family have endless possibilities to...

The best attractions for kids in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find attractions for all ages - kids and child-like souls. Try the awesome rides in the themeparks, watch animals up close in their natural habitats, find hidden playgrounds in nature and learn about new things indoors.

Halloween in Northern Jutland

Do not be scared, it is just Halloween, and it is all over North Jutland. Fun, trickery and hair-raising experiences are awaiting you and your family.

A relaxed autumn holiday

In North Jutland, it is easy to get away from everyday life. Enjoy your autumn holiday with lots of pampering. 

Outdoor activities for adults

North Jutland is amazing - even during winter, when the weather is cold and the ground is frozen. Luckily there are lots of events and activities to attend and try out.

Local taste experiences in North Jutland

North Jutland offers you plenty of different taste experiences at various localities such as dairy farms, vineyards and brew houses. We have a number of local products, you only find here in North Jutland.

Mushroom hunting in North Jutland

Go mushroom hunting in the North Jutland forests. Here you will find a treasure trove of mushrooms.

Romantic places in North Jutland

When life gets stressful, the most important part of the holiday is to be and relax with each other. On this page, we will guide you through some of the most romantic places and experiences in North Jutland.


If you are searching for a relaxing experience, while you are in North Jutland, then try one of our many wellness providers.

Pampering and Wellness

In North Jutland, you can let the calm wash over you. There are many opportunities for relaxation and wellness. Spend a day or the whole holiday at one of the many places offering wellness, such as the historical beach hotels or at one of the holiday resorts along the coast. There are many...

Explore the towns in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find amazing towns all over.

Historic architecture in North Jutland

North Jutland offers classical and modern architecture. Visit the yellow houses of Skagen, the cosy cobbled stone streets and half-timbered houses of Sæby and Mariager Fjord on the east coast. Or discover the one of a kind seaweed roofs of Læsø.

Explore cosy towns

From Skagen in the North, known for the world-famous painters, the yellow houses and the unique light. Along the west coast, you will pass Lønstrup, Løkken and Blokhus, the popular beach towns with amazing and historic beach hotels. Further to the south-west, you will find Klitmøller, the ...

Explore the town

Go explore the towns of North Jutland, you will find restaurants and cafés which will spoil your tastebuds. Go shopping in one of the many cosy towns or on the bustling shopping streets in Aalborg. Discover new cultural experiences in North Jutland's amazing towns.

Beautiful towns in North Jutland

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