Par ved Bramslev Bakker

Autumn holiday in North Jutland

Autumn is the time for many exciting and cozy family activities in Northern Jutland. The cities along the coast are bustling with life and they all have adventures waiting for you.

Visit the haunted shipyard at the harvest fest in Fårup Sommerland, explore the delicious food and cozy atmosphere at the Skagen Musicfestival or attend one of the many scary Halloween events in North Jutland. Try to be a zookeeper for a day in Aalborg Zoo or explore the new exhibition the hunters of the North Sea at the North Sea Oceanarium, the opportunities are many.

Family events during the autumn holiday

North Jutland for kids

In North Jutland you will never be bored, there are plenty of activities and experiences for kids and grown-ups all year. 

A relaxed autumn holiday

In North Jutland, it is easy to get away from everyday life. Enjoy your autumn holiday with lots of pampering.