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Autumn in North Jutland

Photo:Nordvestkysten&Daniel Brandt Andersen

Experience "Hygge" in North Jutland

Visit the North Jutland autumn, where experiences await you. Enjoy the beautiful autumn colors, explore nature or feel the atmosphere of the cities. Many attractions invite you inside for events and experiences for the whole family. Explore art, new foods or exibitions. The nature in North Jutland is also very special in the autumn, where you can, for example, experience the beautiful hills in Rebild dressed in purple heather. Go mushroom hunting, enjoy the sound of the waves or enjoy the ride in the large, beautiful forest areas.

During autumn, North Jutland is covered in beautiful colors and adventure. There is enough room to relax in the amazing nature and time to explore museums, restaurants, and new neighborhoods

Par ved Bramslev Bakker

Autumn holiday for the entire family

Photo: Nicolas Cho Meier

Explore North Jutland

Værelse på Blokhus Strandhotel
Trend strand
02_Top foto_Rebild Bakker_Sarah Green
Skagen Det Grå Fyr
The Northeast Coast of North Jutland
Bøgsted Rende
The Northwest Coast
Skrænt på Mors
The island of Mors - the gem of the Limfjord

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