Efterårs svampe i kurv

Autumn in North Jutland

Familie i efterårs skov

Experience "Hygge" in North Jutland

The colour of the leaves are changing and the fresh air invites you to go searching for mushrooms or maybe even an oyster safari in the Limfjord. In North Jutland there are plenty of activities year-round, it is not all about the beaches. North Jutland means relaxing, and you decide what to do and when to do it. Explore the animal parks, cosy towns, the amazing art and handcrafted goods or one of the other exciting activities North Jutland has to offer. Visit a museum or one of the most romantic spots, maybe have your dinner at one of the best restaurants. It is up to you. 

During Autumn, North Jutland is covered in beautiful colours and adventure. Whether you like to relax in the amazing nature, go mushroom hunting in the forests or go on awesome adventures, then North Jutland is the destination for you.

Autumn in the Top of Denmark

Autumn in North Denmark is many things, you decide what it means to you, maybe you enjoy long walks in the fresh air and nature combined with art experiences, delicious food and accommodation in a house by the sea. Find inspiration for autumn with golf or head out to one of the many exciti...

Mushroom hunting in North Jutland

Go mushroom hunting in the North Jutland forests. Here you will find a treasure trove of mushrooms.

Autumn in Jammerbugten

Week 42, is packed with fun experiences in Jammerbugten. Find one for you here.

Halloween in Northern Jutland

Do not be scared, it is just Halloween, and it is all over North Jutland. Fun, trickery and hair-raising experiences are awaiting you and your family.


If you are searching for a relaxing experience, while you are in North Jutland, then try one of our many wellness providers.

Art and culture

Many artists and are working and living in North Jutland, and it has been that way for many years. From the famous Skagen Painters to local craftsmen, North Jutland has always attracted artist. this means that you have many opportunities to experience the art and culture of the region.

For the family

Indoor activities for kids

North Jutland has activities for all year-round. Even when the weather is bad, you will have plenty to do. Jump in one of the many indoor pools and wa...

Educational experiences for kids

Bring the kids to North Jutland for amazing experiences, they can learn about nature, history and much more.

Outdoor activities for kids

All-year-round you will find lots of exciting outdoor activities for the entire family in nature but also in the cozy towns along the coast. North Jut...

Animal experiences

Experience nature in its true moments. In North Jutland, you can explore nature and its animals up close. From one of the animal parks to the national...

Autumn holiday for the entire family

Photo: VisitNordjylland

For two

In North Jutland, you will have time for each other. Autumn is a time for cosy moments with each other. Experience how the autumn brings the calm to North Jutland.

Romantic places in North Jutland

When life gets stressful, the most important part of the holiday is to be and relax with each other. On this page, we will guide you through some of t...

Gastronomy in North Jutland

In North Jutland, the taste experiences are out of this world, sit back and let the chefs take you on a gastronomical journey of the region. Seafood, ...

Active holiday in nature

Nature is full of adventures in North Jutland. Experience the impressive nature on an active holiday.

Nature in North Jutland

Surrounded by water and covered in magical forests and moor, North Jutland has something special for you. Here you will find peace of mind and really ...

Autumn events in North Jutland

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