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Vorupør is a small authentic fishing village with approximately 800 inhabitants. For several centuries, the spot has been a hub of inshore fishing.

This unique seaside fishing village, located in Thy, is rich in historical buildings and has a vibrant urban life. You can enjoy the sea and beach – all in one place. The close proximity to both National Park Thy and the North sea provides plenty of opportunities for an active holiday with your friends or family. The newly established boardwalks and the large beach terrace facilitate easy accessibility and rich opportunity for enjoying both the sea and beach. 

Coastal fishing from the beach is in the DNA of Vorupør. Today, it is still possible to experience coastal fishing, and fish are landed on the beach daily.

The major influence of the fishing industry is visible throughout the village – thus, the small fishermen's cottages by the beach, the lighthouse in the dunes, and the historical boat on the beach will tell every visitor about the history of inshore fishing in Vorupør.

To fiskere skubber båd ud i Thy

Things to see and do

Vorupør can provide you with a full set of experiences. This small fishing village has everything – from shopping to art and culture. The village is located right at the coast of the North Sea, and on its huge beach terrace, you can enjoy specialties from the local restaurants whilst enjoying the fabulous view of the sea – without sand between your toes. The coastal area from Agger Tange to Hanstholm has been dubbed Cold Hawaii. Thus, the scenery around Vorupør embraces a wealth of activities – for not only does the sea provide some of the very best surf spots in Northern Europe, but it is also a wonderful place for bathing or fishing from the wharf. You can ride, bike, or hike your way through Nationalpark Thy and thus experience nature in close quarters.

The North Sea Aquarium is among the most popular activities in Vorupør. You can experience a variety of rare marine species from the North Sea but, also, the more common species such as codfish, eel, and plaice fish.

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Longitude: 11.677795

Latitude: 56.25152

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