Hvalpsund strand sommer blå himmel badebro Vesthimmerland

Vesthimmerland in North Jutland

Photo: VisitNordjylland

Vesthimmerland is especially known for the mussel town Løgstør - a cozy harbour village at the Limfjord - but there is so much more to explore.

South west of Aalborg, along the Limfjord you will discover Vesthimmerland. The region completes with maritime spirits, characteristic culture experiences and beautiful nature. With a view of the Limfjord you can enjoy one of the many local delicacies, often including mussels and oysters.

Activities and Experiences

You will find a variety of activities and nature experiences in Vesthimmerland. Visit the fantastic beaches, go cycling, hiking or enjoy a game of golf at one of the four golf courses, including the course Himmerland Golf & Spa. Explore all attractions in Vesthimmerland.


Taste Vesthimmerland

Vesthimmerland is known for its great mussels and experimental gastronomy. Especially the town of Løgstør - which often is referred to as the mussel-town, has a wide range of great places to eat. Visit Kanalfogedens Køkken and Restaurant P.O.L.O, some of North Jutland's best restaurants. If you love seafood and shellfish, you have to visit this region and the annual Mussel Festival in Løgstør. Explore all possibilities.

Towns in Vesthimmerland

What can you expect to find when you visit one of the many charming towns of Vesthimmerland? All the towns have different characteristics, but you are sure to find charming nooks, relaxing atmosphere, and happy and welcomming locals. Explore the towns of AarsFarsøAalestrup or Hvalpsund


Holiday homes, camping, shelters, hotels or Bed & Breakfast, the opportunities are many in Vesthimmerland, explore the options here.

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