Tversted Strand drager Turismeudvikling Hjørring


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Tversted is a small and charming village of beautiful old traditional houses. If you drive straight through Tversted, you arrive at one of the best and widest beaches on the west coast – here you will find high dunes and magnificent vistas.

Activities near Tversted

Photo: VisitNordjylland

Attractions near Tversted

Photo: Turismeudvikling Hjørring

Enjoy the fabulous beach by the village, go canoeing on the waters of the stream, Uggerby Å, or explore the antique shops, the galleries, or the workshops of local artisans offering high-quality products such as pottery, artistic glassware, knitwear and pictorial art. The area's most favoured attraction is the ice-cream kiosk, Det Blå Ishus. The white meringue foam on top of the ice-cream is the most heavenly treat you can imagine.

The neighbouring village Bindslev is home to the eagle reserve, Ørnereservatet, where you can experience these kings among birds at quite close quarters.

Events in Tversted

In Tversted, you can join a "bunker tour", a guided tour of the old bunkers remaining within the area. In week 42, during the Tversted Jazzy Days, jazz resounds through the village. See coming events in Tversted.


Guided bunkertour in Tversted

Take a guided tour with guide Flemming Mortensen from Bunkergruppen around the dunes in Tversted. Experience the great bunkers from world war two. Registration not necessary. Price DKK 20,00 - participants under the age of 15 free of charge

Vendsyssel Festivalkoncert 2020 - CANCELLED

Vendsyssel Festival offers concerts with artists of high musical quality each year. The concerts are held in Vendsyssel's beautiful surroundings, experience these concerts in the area: See the program

Cæcilie Norby Jazz Duo concert at Tannishus restaurant

The Cecilia Norby Jazz Duo gives a concert at Restaurant Tannishus in week 42. Price per person: 225, - It is possible to book accommodation. Order tickets at

Where to stay
In Tversted and the surrounding area there are a lot of opportunities for camping, stay at a shelter site oder rent a private room.
In Tversted you will find cosy seafood restaurants, like Tversted Inn, here you can always get a great meal.

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