Sæby børn

Beautiful towns in North Jutland

Løkken Strand

Where is your next holiday taking you?

Explore one of the many towns and destinations in North Jutland. All-year-round you will find amazing and exciting activities. The roaring North Sea and the child-friendly Kattegat sea are the perfect setting for your next holiday. Bring the entire family for an adventurous experience, or go and reconnect on a couples holiday in romantic North Jutland. Here you will find time to discover new things, from cosy towns, with lots of culture to nature with tales from the ice age. 

Find inspiration from Skagen in the north to Mariager Fjord in the south - Klitmøller in Thy National Park in the west to the island of Læsø in the east.

Market towns by the coast

Lots of towns are waiting for you, from here you can explore the beautiful blue seas and fjords.

Kvinde går i vandet hvor de to have mødes ved Grenen
Grenen i Skagen

Visit Skagen, where two seas collide

Explore the towns and cities

Big or small - the towns and cities in North Jutland are of all sizes and embraces all who visits. Experience the art and culture of North Jutland, and try one or more of the many local taste experiences. Explore unique architecture, and enjoy the fresh breeze at one of the many coastal towns. Best of all, the distance between towns and cities in North Jutland is never far.

Aalborg torv

Experience Aalborg - recognized by the New York Times

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Experience art and culture in the beautiful streets of Hjørring, go on an adventure into the forests and rolling hills of Rebild or be impressed by the charming town of Tversted. All the towns in North Jutland are worth a visit and they all have something that makes them unique.