Gl. Skagen


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Experience the characteristic yellow houses, the museums with art from famous painters, a bustling city life with lots of luxury and the most spectacular nature you have ever seen, in Skagen. the northernmost point in Denmark, where the two seas collide.

As the northernmost destination in Denmark, Skagen is a renowned town with an amazing light, combined with a unique nature and white sand beaches. In the center of the city you will find a wide selection of restaurants, shopping possibilities, experiences for children and interesting cultural attractions. Skagen is situated near Grenen on the east coast, whereas the part of the city Gl. Skagen (Højen) is located next to the North Sea.

Dining in Skagen

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Shopping in Skagen

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Explore Skagen

The vibrant town, Skagen, is home to a vast number of entertaining activities and events, found at every street corner. Go shopping in the charming streets of Skagen's pedestrian precinct, or if you have a cultural interest, explore the great array of museums, such as the teddy-bear display at Skagen’s Bamsemuseum, the first and only museums with teddybears in Scandinavia. You can also visit the home of the famous Skagen paintings, Skagen's Museum and take a look at Anchers house and Drachmanns house.

Maybe the most famous place of Skagen is Grenen, the northernmost tip of Denmark. Mother nature has been at work at this sandy beach, where two seas, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, meet - culminating in a final encounter of lively waves. It is an amazing experience to stand with one leg in each sea, watching the waves arriving from each direction. Another natural phenomenon to behold are Råbjerg Mile, Denmarks answer of the Sahara in Africa and the sand-buried church (in Danish: Den Tilsandede Kirke) which is a reminder of the forces of nature.

Grenen in Skagen

For visitors of North Jutland, a visit to  Skagen  and Grenen, the northernmost point of Jutland, is an absolute must. Experience the meeting of two seas in a spectacular location.

Det Grå Fyr (Lighthouse)

The grey lighthouse, Det Grå Fyr, was built in 1858. The lighthouse, which is 46 m high, is Denmark’s second tallest, the honour for the tallest being taken by Dueodde Fyr on Bornholm, which is one metre taller. The lighthouse was designed by Danish architect N.S. Nebelong. The li...


The bascule light, Vippefyret, was originally constructed in 1627, and was Denmark’s first bascule light with an open fire basket. The principle behind its construction is simple: the basket is lowered to ground level and filled with combustible material, which is then ignited. When the...

The Sand-Covered Church

The Sand-Covered Church, or 'Den Tilsandede Kirke' in Danish, is located just south-west of Skagen, and is a spectacular sight and a reminder of the forces of nature.

Råbjerg Mile

The Dune of Råbjerg Mile is the largest migrating dune in Denmark. The west-coast has for many centuries struggled with migrating dunes due to the harsh wind and sand-covered areas - and being close to Skagen, the weather at Råbjerg Mile is far from mild.

The Skagen Painters of North Jutland

Art inspired by the nature around Skagen, the unique light and the unspoiled simple life, that is what the painters of Skagen in North Jutland were all about. This is where they found their ultimate inspiration for the beautiful paintings. But where can you see their works of art?

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Taste Skagen and sleep well

Skagen is crammed with charming restaurants, where freshly caught fish is served for hungry guests who smile in delight as their food is served. Enjoy an seafood plate in Skagen Fiskerestaurants in the legendary red fish warehouses. The gastronomic assortment of Skagen includes something for every taste. If you seek a fine dining experience, the restaurants De2Have, Hjorths Restaurant, Ruth's Hotel and Brøndums Hotel are particularly noteworthy, whereas Ruths Gourmet and Brøndums Hotel are also on the list of North Jutland’s finest restaurants.

It does not matter if you want to sleep in a holiday house, at a camping place or in a hotel - Skagen is offering everything. Sleep in the Color Hotel Skagen or in the classic beach hotel Ruths Hotel in Gl. Skagen.

Brøndums Hotel

Denmark´s northernmost hotel with the unique history and lying next to Skagens Museum.

Restaurant De 2 Have

Skagen's most beautiful view is experienced at Restaurant De2Have. The restaurant is located at the very top and is thus Denmark's northernmost res...

Hjorths Badehotel

Over 100 years old cozy and traditional bathing hotel located between Råbjerg Mile and the North Sea.

Skagen Fiskerestaurant

Directly at the port of Skagen at the top of Denmark are the legendary fish pack houses designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll.

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Where to sleep in Skagen

Ruths Hotel

Between the iconic yellow houses of Skagen lies Ruths Hotel . The hotel is located in Gammel (old) Skagen close to beautiful nature and the spectacular view of the two oceans meeting and the very top of Denmark, Grenen. Enjoy a luxury stay at Ruths Hotel.

Color Hotel Skagen, Hotel

Color Hotel Skagen is Skagen's largest and only 4-star hotel with room for up to 400 guests.

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Skagen is a vibrant town, and practically all year round, events are organised for people of all ages. But particularly during summer, the streets are jam-packed with activities and life from many visitors. But do not despair, the town has plenty to offer in the other months. Visit Skagen in January, during the town’s celebration of the Winter Bathing Festival, where brave 'modern' Vikings defy the cold Kattegat waters to experience the exhilarating chills and adrenaline of the dip. In May, Skagen celebrates its bird festival, closely followed by the saltwater fish festival, the vintage motorcycle rally, and finally, the Råbjerg Mile Marathon. When it gets warmer in June, an array of events can be experienced where the picturesque landscape is utilised, all of which culminate on Midsummer's Eve with huge, crackling bonfires on the beach. In July, thousands of tourists flock to Skagen to experience Denmark’s oldest music festival, Skagen Festival, where sweet tunes fill the streets. If you come August, the Skagen Food & Design Market is open, and finally, by November, the townsfolk get together on Grenen to form the human sign 365 in celebration of the days of the year.


Skagen Run (Marathon) - 1/1 marathon

Skagen Run (Marathon) Denmark's most beautiful marathon. If the race itself is not enough to take your breath away, then Skagens beautiful and sce...

Midsummer fest - Sankt Hans

The Midsummer fest at Sønderstrand is unfortunately canceled in 2020