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Experience the characteristic yellow houses, bustling city life with the most spectacular nature you have ever seen, all in Skagen. the northernmost point in Denmark.

As the northernmost destination in Denmark, Skagen is a renowned town with amazing light, combined with a unique nature and white sand beaches. In the center of the city, you will find a wide selection of restaurants, shopping options, experiences for children, and interesting cultural attractions. Skagen is situated near Grenen on the east coast, whereas the old and historic part of the city Gl. Skagen is located next to the North Sea.

Explore Skagen

The vibrant town is home to a vast number of entertaining activities and events. Go shopping in the charming streets of Skagen's pedestrian precinct, or explore the great array of museums, such as the teddy-bear display at Skagen’s Bamsemuseum, the first and only museums with teddybears in Scandinavia. You can also visit the home of the famous Skagen paintings, Skagen's Museum, take a look at Anchers house and Drachmanns house.

Grenen is the most popular destination when visiting Skagen. Grenen is the place where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, which shows in lively waves and strong currents. Råbjerg Mile, North Jutland's Sahara desert, and the sand-covered church, Den Tilsandede Kirke, are also very popular outdoor nature experiences.

Eat and sleep well in Skagen

Skagen has many delightful restaurants and eateries that serve delicious local food with ingredients from the two seas surrounding Skagen Odde. If you are into gourmet, Restaurant De 2 Have, Hjorths Hotel, Ruths Hotel, and Brøndums Hotel can be specially highlighted, where Ruths Gourmet and Brøndums Hotel are among North Jutland's best restaurants. You can also enjoy an exquisite seafood dish at Skagen's Fish Restaurant in the legendary and idyllic small red fish-warehouses at the local city harbor.

Whether you prefer to spend a holiday in a holiday home, campsite or hotel, Skagen has it all. Stay at Color Hotel Skagen or the classic bathing hotel Ruths Hotel in Gl. Skagen.

Events in Skagen

There are events and activities for all age groups, all year round. In Autumn Skagen Marathon and Skagen Hiking Festival are held. Christmas is celebrated with cozy Christmas markets and "Skagen's Living Calendar". In January, brave Vikings jump into the Kattegat's icecold water for the Skagen Winter Swimming Festival and in the spring the Skagen Bird Festival is held, followed by the Sea Fishing Festival and Midsummer is celebrated with a bonfire on St. Hans evening at Vippefyret. During the summer, thousands of tourists travel to Skagen to participate in Denmark's oldest music festival, Skagen Festival.