Sæby by børn Turisthus Nord Frederikshavn


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Sæby is the epitome of a Danish market town and the idyllic atmosphere surrounding it. The town has direct access to child-friendly beaches and local shops. Explore the old market town on the east coast, the small streets, the old but well-kept houses, the cobblestone streets and more.

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Things to see and do

Sæby is a popular holiday destination with a wealth of activities. Here you can stroll through the cosy streets and view the houses and the craftsmen in Algade, who lie side by side with the amber polisher and the glassblower. You can also visit the harbour and the boardwalk with the delicious fish restaurants, or visit the museum, go golfing or enjoy the green forest in the area.

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Medieval Days at Voergaard Castle

Go on a journey back in time to the Middle-Age. Each year Voergaard Castle celebrates the era with a huge event, Medieval Days.

Kystmuseet - Sæby

Today the old timber-framed building is a museum.

Minibyen Sæby

Sæby's citizens are proud of the town's lovely old houses.

Sæbygård Manor Museum - Sæby

The Renaissance castle Sæbygård lies surrounded by a wide moat, just west of Sæby.

Events in Sæby

In Sæby there are often guided city walks and amber collection tours in both Danish and German. In September the Day of the Fish is celebrated, where you will find entertainment for the entire family and of course tastings and competitions. At both Sæbygård and Voergård Castle, there are plenty of activities in the Christmas season with coziness, stalls and entertainment.

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Where to eat
You will find lots of great dining spots in and around Sæby.
If you are spending the night, Sæby has something for every taste, both hotels, bed and breakfasts, camping sites, cabins, hostels and summer houses. If you want to sleep outdoors, there are also nature campgrounds.