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An entry into nature, history, and active experiences, in Rebild, Rold Forest, and Rebild Hills.

If you are an outdoor person with an inclination towards wonderful outdoor activities, then Rebild has it all, like the landscape, comprising the forest Rold Forest, the hills of Rebild Bakker and their environs, is nothing less than heavenly lush green scenery. Take also a look into the forest Troldeskoven. Here, in the heart of the region of Himmerland, the skies are high and there is room for diversity – so if you prefer pensive hiking to the notes of birdsong; a mountain-bike ride at tearing speeds up and down hills; or, if you are more inclined towards canoeing on the calm waters of the stream, then Rebild can provide.

Since nature never takes a day off, we’re open throughout the entire year. Nature is prepared to welcome you whenever it suits you. Regardless of season, Rebild can always deliver exhilarating nature experiences or active exertion.

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Rold Forest and Rebild Bakker

Without a doubt, the primary attractions of the Rebild area are the hills and forest, namely Rebild Bakker and Rold Forest, also belonging among Denmark's primary natural attractions. We urge you to exploit this spot. For instance, you could take a trip to the forest’s nature playground, Røverknolden, which is a super spot for a familyday. The forest also provides an excellent backdrop for biking – for bringing your hamper as well as for downhill action on mountain bike. 

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Versatile Rebild

With its versatile nature, Rebild is the perfect destination all year, especially if you are into sports and outdoor activities.

Rebild offers cozy and natural bicycle routes through nature. If you are searching for action and challenges, then jump on your mountain bike and try the amazing MTB routes. Rebild offers also great opportunities for hiking, golf, running, geocaching, overnight stay in the open air, adventure sports, and fishing. Are you more into the water? Then take a tour with a canoe along Lindenborg stream or go out swimming in the lake Store Økssø or one of the other beautiful lakes in Rebild. 

Rold Skov set oppe fra

Events in Rebild

The area has a rich and thriving cultural life, and it is particularly renowned for the Rebild Celebrations. On every 4th of July since 1912, the area has been the venue for the celebration of the United States’ Independence Day. This event is believed to be the greatest independence-day celebration outside the US.

Opera in Rebild is part of the Aalborg Opera festival, an annually recurring event, and certainly also worth a visit.

Rebild offers a lot of big sports events for both sports enthusiasts and for the ones who want to challenge themselves with something new - Rold 24race, Tri ved Søen, MTB RACE 10 hours in Rebild, Triatlandløbet and a lot more.

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Rold Storkro bøf og grøntsager


If you are hiking or just taking a leisurely stroll in Rold Forest, and you pass the fabulous lake, Store Økssø, we recommend that you pay the beautiful restaurant Mosskov Pavillion a visit. Here the menu certainly matches the idyllic setting. Rebild Bakker boasts another fine restaurant, namely Rold Storkro, also profiting from the wonderful nature.

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Piger på camping

Regardless of whether you chose between the inns and hotels or prefer a campsite or hostel, you will be close to nature. Here, you can combine beautiful scenery with a comfortable bed, wonderful food and, above all, active exercise. Give it a try and be overwhelmed by the multitude of activities to be found near the hotel.

For more inspiration and information for your holiday in Rebild, take a look at www.rebildporten.dk or RebildPortens Facebook page. Contact Rebildporten via e-mail at info@rebildporten.dk or at the telephone number +45 99 88 90 00.

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