pige står på hænder på stranden i Øster Hurup

Øster Hurup

In Øster Hurup you will find Denmark's most child-friendly beach, a great town environment, and the main street is packed with restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Øster Hurup is an old fishing village with nearly 1000 permanent residents; a number that doubles many times over in the summer season, where the city is full of tourists and oozes of country atmosphere.

The most child-friendly beach in Denmark

Øster Hurup strand pige i klitterne
Øster Hurup
Activities and experiences

In Øster Hurup you will find child-friendly and clean beaches, a nice harbour and the main street filled with restaurants, cafes, shops and discotheques.

Otherwise you can visit Holiday Center Øster Hurup, which has plenty of activities for children such as a subtropic water park.

Where to stay

Whether you seek cosy camping sites and cabins, beautiful summer houses or a stay at the holiday centre: there is something for everyone in Øster Hurup.

Øster Hurup has it all

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