Børn bader ved vestkysten

The North Sea by North Jutland

Visit the North Sea and explore some of Denmark's best beaches and spectacular seaside villages. Here you will find activities and attractions for all ages.

Are you in need of a break from your everyday life, the ideal destination is the North Sea - it is completely up to you whether your trip is spent relaxing, exploring and discovering, or an adrenaline rush! The strength of the North Sea has clearly marked the nature in North Jutland. Explore the popular wide, sandy beaches and the roaring sea, which strength has made a clear impression on the coastline of North Jutland. Take a walk along the west coast, from the tip of Denmark - Grenen by Skagen and Råbjerg Mile - Denmark's largest wandering sand dune, to Denmark's last wilderness in the National Park Thy. The North Sea has a long history behind it -  are you ready to explore it?

Explore the unique nature of North Jutland

In Nordjylland, you can explore a number of unique nature sites unlike anywhere else in Denmark. The beaches on the west coast are some of the most beautiful beaches in Denmark and offer activities for everyone - from wild surf waves in Cold Hawaii to long walks on the waterfront and luxurious seaside hotels.

At Grenen by Skagen, at the northernmost point of Denmark, the two seas, North Sea and Kattegat, meet. The waves intersect from each direction, making it possible for you to stand with one foot in each sea - an experience you will never forget. At Grenen it is not allowed to bathe due to strong currents, but if you move down to the west coast and take a swim, you can experience some of Northern Europe's best beaches.

Coastal towns

By the waters edge life is calm and beach holidays here are popular amongst the Danes. It all started with locals renting out rooms to local tourists, not long after you could accommodate yourself at one of the amazing beach hotels, which led to the popularity of the white beach huts you will find on the beach in Løkken and Blokhus. Now you can experience some of the most beautiful towns next to the North Sea in North Jutland.

Attractions by the west coast

The west coast of North Jutland is more than just beaches. The area is abundant with hidden gems, and whether you enjoy the adrenalin rush, art, and culture, or history, the west coast has something to suit your interests.

Nature activities

If you want to overcome the forces of nature and wish to have an active holiday, the west coast is the destination you should try out. In the area of Klitmøller, you will find one of Northern Europe's best surf spots, and in Løkken at the North Shore Surf, you can learn both surfing and SUP. If the wild waves are not for you, North Jutland also offers plenty of fishing possibilities. You can also find a lot of natural hiking routes, among them the most popular one is Hærvejen. If you want to go cycling, you can try the different biking routes in North Jutland. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to try the best MTB-route Denmark has to offer in Slettestrand surrounded by unique nature.

Events on the west coast

The many lovely seaside towns of North Jutland are worth visiting all year round, but it's during the summer season they really flourish - and this is also when most of the events take place. The big seaside towns - Blokhus, Løkken, and Skagen - are famous for their midsummer bonfires on the beach, where the "witch" is burned on midsummers eve - an old danish tradition that brings together many participants and which has been portrayed by the painters of Skagen.

Since 2010, Klitmøller, also known as Cold Hawaii, has been one of the permanent stops for the PWA World Cup in the windsurf discipline wave performance, where many of the world's best surfers battle in the championship.

The coast also offers other events where you can get the pulse up, e.g. MTB in Slettestrand or Råbjerg Mile Race, which are annual half marathons. Here you can find all events in North Jutland.

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