Udisgt over Mariager Fjord solnedgang siv vand hav

Mariager Fjord

Photo: VisitNordjylland

The Mariager Fjord is the longest and most beautiful fjord in Denmark. It cuts its way into the heart of Jutland. Here you will find fantastic nature experiences, cozy towns, beautiful nature areas and reminders of the Viking age.

As a wide blue ribbon, the bay of Mariager stretches its way through the area of Mariagerfjord. It is about 35 km long and that makes it the longest bay in Denmark, (Limfjorden to the north is regarded as a strait) and is often referred to as the most beautiful. The area surrounding Mariager Fjord invites you to relax, explore the many cultural experiences and to push your boundaries with an active holiday. Mariager Fjord is located in the municipality of Mariagerfjord which is part of Himmerland, the most southern part of North Jutland.

Things to see and do

Mariager Fjord’s fabulous surroundings are perfect for the active tourist. Try the cycling route Mariagerfjord-route which leads you all the way around Mariager Fjord. If you are more into water you can go on a sailing trip, either in your own boat or with the tourboat Svanen or maybe you are a kayak or canoe enthusiast. There is also the possibility to go fishing. On land you can go for a hike in beautiful forestry areas, for instance in Bramslev Bakker on the Panorama-route which is the first certified hiking route in Denmark. You can also pay a visit to Rold forest or prove your strength in the climbing park in Hobro Østerskov. If you have children with you then they can play on the many playgrounds near Fyrkat, near Rosenhaven in Mariager or in Lille Vildmose. It is the largest raised bog, located in the middle of Denmark, where you can observe wild boar, red deer and eagles or you take a tour through the area with the old railway. 

You can find plenty yacht harbors at Mariager Fjord - both big and small ones. At Kongsdal yacht harbor there is the only lighthouse of the fjord which was imported from Thyborøn. In Mariager you can discover the biggest yacht harbor in the area, Mariager Yacht harbor, which is neighbor to the biggest tourist attraction Mariagers, the Mariager Saltcenter. In the saltcenter you can go on a journey to the world of salt. It is possible to both seeth salt and to visit a real salt mine or experience the "Dead Sea" where you will never drown because of the high salt concentrate.

The Panorama Trail in Mariagerfjord

The PANORAMA-trail - The most beautiful walking trail in Denmark The walking trail between Hobro  and Bramslev Bakker  is the first trail in D...

Mariager Saltcenter

Due to the Covid-19 conditions Mariager Saltcenter is closed in the period March 12th - April 13th.   Experience Our World Of Salt Ever ...

Mariager Yachting Harbour

Mariager’s relation to the most beautiful fjord in Denmark is in many ways unique. The fjord is named after Mariager – and it is not even located at t...

Bramslev Bakker

Bramslev Bakker is a 300 hectares preserved area right by Mariager Fjord , with access through marked paths.  The view from the parking place at Br...

Explore cozy towns around Mariager Fjord

Mariager is the smallest market town in Denmark, it is also known as the town of roses, as the towns cobbled stone streets and old half-timbered houses are bathed in beautiful roses. In the town of Mariager, you will also find the Rose Garden, Mariager Museum, Mariager Church and the remnants of the Birgitta Monastery.

Hobro and Hadsund are two towns with the perfect view of Mariager Fjord. By the fjord, you will also find the small fishing village, Stinesminde, which recently was restored. A short distance from the fjord, by the east coast of North Jutland you will find Øster Hurup, known for its child-friendly beaches. This area offers the perfect destination for a family holiday by the beach.


Go to the charming town of Mariager by Mariager Bay, the town is full of cozy and crooked houses, cobblestone streets and you will find roses everywhe...

Øster Hurup

In Øster Hurup you will find Denmark's most child-friendly beach, a great town environment and a main street packed with restaurants, cafes and shops.


Where did the Vikings come from? Many would say the answer is Hobro, with Mariager Fjord right at its doorstep.

Stinesminde Havn (Harbor)

We welcome you tio Stinesminde – an upgraded historic gem

Attractions and Events

If you are into culture and history, the Vikingcenter Fyrkat by Hobro is definitely worth a visit. Every year occurs here a big Viking market. Kongehøjen near Voldestedlund which is one of the most well-preserved Stone Age burial chambers is also worth a visit - or what about a tour with the almost 100 year old railway line Mariager-Handest Veteranjernbane while enjoying the landscape. The GAS museum is also located near Hobro and you can learn more about energy and a bit out of the town there is Verdenskortet located at Klejstrup lake which is a mini version of the world.

The area around Mariager Fjord is host for many annual events which you should not miss. Every year the Mariager Saltcenter organizes the "Food for All" Festival. Plenty of big wooden ships are also hosted by the Mariager Fjord annually when they come and visit the oldest wooden shipyard in Denmark.

The GAS Museum

The GAS Museum is a modern museum of energy, offering the opportunity to experience how gas has influenced the way we live, in both past and present -...

Fyrkat Viking Center

Vikingecenter Fyrkat consists of the historic ringfort Fyrkat and the Viking Farmstead, which is 9 reconstructed houses, that together constitute a la...


Oplev hele verden i mini-udgave med søer, floder og bjergkæder. Udbredt som et atlas ligger Verdenskortet ved bredden af søen med dejlige grønne o...

Kongehøjen at Voldstedlund

”Kongehøjen” is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved Stone Age graves we have in Denmark, which makes it worthy of its name. Excavations in ...

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Dining and accommodation

The area around Mariager Fjord offers a variety of wonderful accommodations and many lovely restaurants. Explore here some of the possibilities or see all restaurants and accommodations.

The Floating Shelter in Hobro

Do you want to spend a night on rolling water and wake up in the most beautiful surroundings? On Mariager Fjord you can spend a night (or more) in a floating shelter. The shelter is located just a few meters from the coastline in Hobro , and is perfect for those who love kayaking and c...

Løvtag - tree tops in Als

Denmark’s first tree top cabins are now ready for overnight guests – so if you want to sleep in a cabin 6 meters above the ground and with an spectacular view – now is your chance. The tree top cabins which have both kitchen and toilet are located in the beautiful surroundings by Helbersko...

Restaurant at Hotel Postgaarden, Mariager

Hotel Postgaarden is an old timber-framed building located in the town square of Mariager.