Mariager by Mariagerfjord butikker centrum Æstergade


Photo: VisitNordjylland

Go to the charming town of Mariager by Mariager Bay, the town is full of cozy and crooked houses, cobblestone streets and you will find roses everywhere, giving the town its nickname, "the Town of Roses".

Mariager has been awarded a Cittaslow certification. Which means the town is in constant development, especially surround the towns characteristic historic and nature. Besides this, sustainability plays a key part in the new role.


Activities in Mariager

You will find lots to do in Mariager, from the cultural and historical experience in the city center to the beautiful nature surrounding the town. Explore all activities near Mariager

Mariager Church

Mariager Abbey church was built in connection with the Bridgettine abbey in the last half of the 15th century and as a house of worship towers above the other buildings. Today the remnants of the abbey have been converted into a registry office and may only be viewed from the outside. (T...

Rosenhaven - the Rose Garden in Mariager

Here, visitors can enjoy the sight of no less than 400 different species of roses amongst around 800 plants. Rosenhaven contains roses of all sizes, colours and scents from all over the world. There are ancient roses, as well as the latest trends in roses. The shrub rose, Rosa X Sancta,...

Mariager centrum

Mariager is a charming old town dated from about 1400, with attractive old half-timbered houses, cobbled streets, street lamps and roses. A beautiful...

Mariagerfjord Kayak Rental

Most people wish to try it, most haven’t - but everyone can! Mariager Fjord is perfect for Kayaking. In the shallow waters, sheltered by the high slop...

Mariager Saltcenter

Due to the Covid-19 conditions Mariager Saltcenter is closed in the period March 12th - April 13th.   Experience Our World Of Salt Ever ...

Mariager Museum

The Mariager Museum has a collection of axes, spearheads, knives, chisels, and samples from a kitchen mitten from the Stone Age. From the Bronze Age...

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