Løkken strand badehus og familie Turismeudvikling Hjørring


Photo: Niclas Jessen

Løkken is a classical beach town on the west coast of North Jutland. You will find some of the best beaches in Denmark, beautiful nature and lots of activities and attractions.

The town of Løkken invites to a stroll through charming streets lined with small, yellow-washed houses, cafés, restaurants and shops – you will be accompanied by the soothing murmur of the waves, the salty smell of the North Sea and sand that has snuck its way into the town from the beach - because a town can hardly be any closer to the beach than Løkken. Løkken beach with its classic beach huts, the dunes and the characteristic fishing boats make visitors return, year after year, and that is not all, because they have found out the secret of what Løkken is like; a place that had it all: shopping, active experiences, fine dining, art and culture and child-friendly beaches.

Wide beaches by the North Sea

Løkken Beach is a place that has to be experienced, regardless of whether you come for the swimming opportunity or not. The 500 iconic beach huts on the beach between Løkken and Blokhus witness Denmark’s historical bathing culture. Have an ice cream on the pier while enjoying the fabulous sunsets by the North Sea. If you take a stroll along the beach, World War II bunkers will conjure up a sense of history.

Active in Løkken
Løkken is the perfect destination for an active holiday. Try surfing the wave, the crew from North Shore Surf are ready to help any beginners.

Activities and Experiences

Løkken's shops, cafés and restaurants are open all summer, and during the winter months, they are open most weekends. The town boasts many galleries and cozy streets. and if you move away from the center you will experience the old part of Løkken where the yellow fishermen houses are still standing in the winding streets. Explore some of the activities and experiences below.


Action House

Action for the entire family!

North Shore Surf

Surf through your vacation in Løkken! Join North Shore Surf in the waves of the North Sea! North Shore Surf School offers surf courses for you, your family and friends. Løkken Pier is one of the best surf spots, also for beginners.

Løkken Miniby

Visit Løkken in miniature size! Experience Løkken in miniature size and its set-up in the original structure, as it was back in the late 1800.

Vendsyssels Plantation

3 beautiful hectares of park with wild birds, hares and a lit lake with water lilies and goldfish.

Family Farm FUN PARK

Adventure park and petting zoo for the entire family! Lots of different animals that you can pet.

Bolcheriet® in Løkken

Old fashioned, fully-functioning sweet factory open to everyone with a sweet tooth. See how a sweet is created from start to finish by professional sweetmakers.

History and Nature

History and beautiful nature is all around Løkken, and it has been part of making Løkken one of the most popular holiday destinations in North Jutland. Find unique architecture, historic landmarks, characteristic nature and much more. Here you will find peace and calm, relieve the tales of old, enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or an ice-cream cone by the beach.


Børglum Abbey

If you are visiting North Jutland and the Løkken area near the west coast, you should not miss Børglum Abbey. The well-preserved and restored abbey has a rich history that is evident in every nook and cranny of the abbey and church.

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

In North Jutland, on the edge of the North Sea, you will find the famous lighthouse of Rubjerg Knude. The lighthouse was moved 70 metres inland in October 2019, to secure it from erosion, caused by the North Sea.

The Sea Mark in Løkken

The Sea Mark has become a symbol of Løkken. It can be seen on everything from Bolcheriet's candy to Løkken Festivals posters. But it used to serve a c...

Løkken Rescuestation

Museum of Coastal Fishing and a maritime atmosphere Lifeboats and fishing are the main themes in Løkken Kystfiskerimuseum (Løkken Museum of Coasta...

Løkken Museum

The town museum in the captain’s house. Løkken Museum focuses on trade, history, crafts and tourism.

Galleri Løkken

Discover the light of Northern Denmark in brushstrokes Are you fascinated by the light in Vendsyssel? Then visit Galleri Løkken.

Events in Løkken

All-year-round you will find lots of events in Løkken, during the summer season something spectacular is happing every week. From market days to concerts and much more. In the spring you can experience Blokhus Løkken Wind Festival on the 15 km long beach between the two towns. In July there will be Løkken Concert and in September occurs Løkken Pierfestival. During Christmas, you can explore the Christmas market at Børglum Kloster. Explore all events in Løkken.


Løkken invites you to taste delicious meals in a charming atmosphere in the many cozy restaurants.

TIP: In Løkken it is possible to buy freshly caught fish straight off the boats.

Café Frandsen

Café Frandsen, in the middle of the sun, in the middle of Løkken. Located on the town square for more than 30 years, the café has always been a popular place to meet up with friends.

Restaurant Løkken Badehotel

À la carte restaurant on the main square with outdoor seating. Extensive menu inspired by Danish and international cuisine of high quality. Fresh fish from the North Sea. We offer take-away and delivery service. Restaurant for the whole family. Book a table online at restaurantlb.dk. If yo...

Løkken Bryghus

Proud tradition for quality beer at Løkken Brewery. The brewery is located in the town center, close to the square. Here, the beer is brewed by the old craftsmanship traditions, where there is no compromise on taste or quality.

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Løkken Beach Hotel is located in the middle of everything and is perfect for all. If you want to stay in an old yet modernized building, visit Hotel Løkken Strand, a newly renovated hotel. Otherwise there are plenty possibilities more, for instance in booking a holiday house or going camping.

Løkken Badehotel

Been welcoming guests since 1895. Løkken Badehotel has an attractive location in the centre of Løkken, with a distance of 300 m to the beach.

Hotel Løkken Strand

Stay in one of Løkken's oldest and well-preserved buildings. Hotel Løkken Strand was built in a former school from 1926. The hotel has 11 bright rooms with a balcony and is located only 250 meters from Denmark's most beautiful beach.

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For more inspiriation, visit the local tourist office at www.loekken.dk or write an email at turistbureau@loekken.dk or call them at +45 9899 1009.