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Løgstør - the Town of Mussels - here you'll find a beautiful nature and a wonderful harbor atmosphere where there is a lot of gastronomy, art and music.

Løgstør is also known as the "Town of Mussels" owing to the town’s location right by the sea where this tasty delicacy is found. Boasting a number of old narrow streets, lined with small houses, originally built to house 19th-century fishermen and sailors, this vibrant town is bursting with life and wonderful natural scenery. Take a stroll at the harbor front or along the beach, or you could explore the canal Frederik the VII's Canal, running parallel to the waterfront.

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Things to see and do

There is experience aplenty in Løgstør. The magnificent scenery provides rich opportunities for fabulous hiking, biking or riding. Participate in guided snaps and bitter tours or go angling from the Town of Mussels, where you can haul up herrings, oysters and, obviously, mussels from the inlet. If you move just 1.5 kilometres to the south away from the center, you come across the exclusive golf course, owned by Løgstør Golf Club. Here, you can play the 18 holes of the course while enjoying the view of the inlet, Limfjorden. Not only is Himmerland known from the biggest golfing event Denmarks 'Made in Denmark' but it provides plenty of amazing golf courses for which people are travelling far.

Experience also the beautiful island Livø or follow the route Hærvejen on the path Himmerlandsstien which is a 69 km long route starting in Løgstør.

The Frederik VII's Canal runs parallel to the coastline, taking its beginning by the museum, Limfjordsmuseet, where you can explore exhibitions and participate in activities focused on fishing, boat-building, etc. You can even pet crab or flatfish. The canal stretches 4.4 kilometres with its end station being marked by two canal-bailiff houses. During the summer months, the museum organizes guided boat trips on the canal, which was dug out during the period 1856-1861.

Historic centres in Løgstør

Løgstør Grunde Fyr (lighthouse)

The lighthouse in Løgstør was build in 1908 and heightened again in 1910. The lighthouse is a bit special in comparison to other lighthouses. inste...

The Aggersborg viking fortress

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The Limfjord Museum

Between the Limfjord and Frederik the VII’s Canal is the Limfjord Museum, where you from April to October can get a wealth of experiences with the fjo...

Vitskøl Monestery

Vitskøl Monestery is one of the oldest monasteries in Northern Europe. The building is something of a historical gem and has, over the past ten years,...

Events in Løgstør

In the summertime, the harbour is filled with gaiety and music from events such as Kanal Jazz, and Løgstør Open Air. True to its name, the town organises a mussel-harvest festival, held every April and later – in July, you can participate in the Mussel festival. It goes without saying that the town’s speciality will be served on both occasions.

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Restaurants and places to eat

Almost every restaurant, café etc. in Løgstør boasts a view of the inlet. Most restaurants serve the speciality of the town, mussels. The food scene of Løgstør provides rich opportunity to pamper your taste buds. If you are eating out in Løgstør, you should try Kanalfogedens Køkken, a restaurant on the list of North Jutland’s finest restaurants.

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In Løgstør you will find hotels, camping sites and much more. Enjoy the time with your family, your partner or by yourself and discover the beautiful nature by Løgstør.

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