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Læsø offers tranquillity, outstanding nature, great food and spectacular experiences. Find your adventure here. 


To many people, Læsø is an eyeopener. With the islands breathtaking nature that soothes the soul, the high gastronomic level and the wide range of choices in regards to art and culture, Læsø has got it all. It is the largest island in Kattegat and flat as a pancake - it holds numerous treasures, edible gifts from the ocean, forest and field. The island is a safe oasis with biking trails, a minimum of traffic and plenty of fun. Be ready for experiences, let your senses and the silence lead you, while you relax on Læsø.

Læsø is the epitome of calm and safe. Travel the island on bicycle or on foot.

Go for a walk along the island und enjoy the beautiful sea which provides delicious local specialties for both locals and tourists. Apart from the sea you will find forest and fields which are supplying tasty ingredients as well. Pay a visit amongst others to Læsø Spisehus which is on the list of the best restaurants in North Jutland.


If you want to go to Læsø, there are three ways; you can take the Læsø ferry from Frederikshavn (which takes 90 minutes), fly from Roskilde or join one of the many sailors that sail to Læsø's two cozy harbors, Vesterø and Østerby. At the harbor thousands of visitors from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany arrive every year.

Læsø lille hus

Explore Læsø

On Læsø your holiday dream will come true as there are plenty of experiences both for children and for grown ups. Do you like animals? Then take a look at one of the many riding centers on Læsø where you can explore the island on the back of an Islandic horse. Or are you more into speed and adrenalin? Then try some of the bicycle routes or pay a visit to Læsøs dune plantation which offers plenty of fun for mountain bikers. You can also find international known golf courses with a view of the sea and scenic trails to enjoy a healthy walk.


Læsø has a rich history and culture, which can be seen by the unique houses with seaweed roof and the Museum Mansion and Hedvig's house. And if you are interested in history, the story of the island's salt is told at Læsø Salt Syderi – a relive of the largest industry of the Medieval Ages. This is now the working place for about 20 people, who seethe salt every day and tell the story of what they mention as Denmark's most beautiful workplace on the edge of "Rønnerne" - an area of 2650 hectare of march. Another trademark of Læsø is Læsø Kur: a rebuilt church near the beach, which welcomes you for relaxation and wellness with salty baths.

Events on Læsø

Læsø is the perfect setting for a life filled with activities and hospitality - shown to everyone who visits. The hospitality is especially noticeable at the many festivals, which take place during the summer and attract both guests and locals. For example, you can experience the Seaweed Homes Day, the Day of the Ocean, the Dock Fest, the Harbor Party, the Entrepreneur Gathering, the Art Festival, Kite Camp, the Festival of Literature and the Festival of the Norwegian Lobster.

And, as you might have noticed, many of the festivals revolve around gastronomy, with the most famous of them being the Festival of the Norwegian Lobster, which takes place on the first Saturday of August and attracts thousands of visitors, seeking to experience the best of Danish gastronomy and asses the skills of the chefs, when they use the unique ingredients of Læsø.

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On Læsø there are plenty of accommodation options whether you need a hotel, holiday home or a camping site. You can also spend the night at a private home to get a unique insight into the local population. Find accommodations on Læsø and decide where you want to sleep on the beautiful island.

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Longitude: 10.922913

Latitude: 57.296209

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