Pige står i vandet ved Klitmøller


Klitmøller is also called "Cold Hawaii" and is a true paradise for surfers. Cold Hawaii is Northern Europe's best surf spot and one of the world's best places to windsurf and all year round surfers can experience the sea.

Iconic sailing boats are standing on the wide sandy beach and even though it looks cozy, they are not only decoration. These boats are sailing out to the sea side by side with the surfers to catch fish on a daily basis. A recognized surfing environment combined with the old fishing traditions can only be found in Klitmøller. Surf on the waves and feel the heavy Atlantic swell, driven from Iceland and the Faroe Islands by the north-westerly winds to finally end up beating against the Danish coast.

Located in Thy – the North Sea to one side and National Park Thy to the other – Klitmøller lies in a region crammed with nature. Surfing has been existing in Klitmøller since the 1980s and the culture is still growing. Cold Hawaii has emerged from the surfing culture and got its name because of the perfect weather conditions as there is almost every day wind and waves, almost as on the American island Hawaii. Cold Hawaii extends on the western coastline in Thy with the center in Hummerhuset on the beach of Klitmøller.

Stenbjerg landingsplads
Stenbjerg Landingsplads

Experience Klitmøller

Klitmøller, also known as ”Cold Hawaii”, is a true paradise for surfers and the best surf spot in Northern Europe. It is, in fact, one of the world’s most favourable spots for windsurfing. Hence, surfers can be seen in the waves all year round. You even have rich opportunities for pitting yourself against the waves and dabble with the noble disciplines of surfing at one of the village‘s surf schools.

Close to Klitmøller is Nationalpark Thy located where you have the opportunity to go on a riding, hiking or bicycle tour. Not far from Klitmøller, you will come across a variety of museums spanning the history of former times’ fishing industry as well as Viking Age art and culture. We could for instance mention Vorupør Museum and the Viking burial ground, Tømmerby Vikingegravplads.


Surfing community, urban lifestyle and old fishing traditions blend into a quite unique urban environment, not found anywhere else in Denmark.

kvinde på vej ud på paddleboard

Klitmøller has been hosting the PWA World Cup in the windsurf discipline of wave performance, since 2010. Here, the best surfers in the world compete for the championship. In 2017 Cold Hawaii has been, together with Copenhagen, been host for Copencold Hawaii which is the biggest World Cup in Stand Up Paddle so that the whole world took a look at Copenhagen and Thy. Apart from surfing there are plenty other events in Thy which are awaiting you. Explore all events in Thy.

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Latitude: 57.044128