De hvide badehuse

Jammerbugten in North Jutland

Photo: VNJ

The North Sea's wide sandy beaches, beautiful natural surroundings, and magical experiences await you in Jammerbugten.

Jammerbugten in North Jutland is rich on excitement – from wooden paths along the shore as well as in the authentic fishing culture in the towns by the sea. Here, the local aquavit, the snaps, should be enjoyed in the warm rays of the sun. When temperatures creep above 20 degrees, this bay in North Denmark is a beautiful landscape to be explored.

When the trees come into leaf, and the scent from flowers rises above the foliage, it is time to put on your hiking shoes or bicycle helmet and set your course for North Jutland to experience a most wonderful active holiday in Denmark's most amazing scenery. This is the spot where Danish TV2 shot the series "The Beach Hotel", precisely because of the unique nature. A visit to Fårup Sommerland will entertain and occupy your children for an entire day.

Attractions and experiences

One of the area's main attractions, besides the outdoor sports activities, is the fantastic mountain-bike trail systems available in the popular holiday towns Slettestrand and Blokhus. Professional instructors will provide instruction in techniques, thus ensuring that you will indeed be prepared for exploring the varied terrain where you will encounter all levels of difficulty. The route through the Svinkløv dune plantation ranks among Denmark's 10 best tracks and the meandering track is for both elite sportsmen and novices.


Slettestrand is a recreational area boasting some of the very finest and most varied scenery to be found in Denmark– a white sandy beach of Blue Flag status, sheltered behind low dunes and no cars allowed.


Blokhus has experiences for everyone - big and small. Enjoy one of Northern Europe's best beaches, the theme park Fårup Sommerland, Blokhus Sculpture park, several galleries, and much more.

Svinklov Klitplantage

Svinklov Dune Plantation (in Danish: Svinkløv Klitplantage) is a 700 hectar large state-owned area that is open to the general public. The shallow part towards south was up until the Middle Ages an open strait connecting the North Sea to the Limfjord.  The breathtaking scenic view from th...

Fårup Sommerland

In the middle of the forest, you find the oldest amusement park in Denmark - Fårup Sommerland. Fårup Sommerland is one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions, and   the park is full of crazy rides.

Thorup Beach

Thorup Strand is situated in the Jammerbugt.

The Sculpture Park in Blokhus

Experience the magical sculptures made from sand, tree and iron in the sculpture park in Blokhus.

Svinkløv Badehotel

Right by the water, on the edge of the sand dune is Svinkløv Beach Hotel. A place to stay and relax in the middle of nature. Wake up to a view of the dunes, the forest, the beach, and the North Sea.

Museum for Papirkunst (paperart)

Museum for Paper Art Experience the paper unfold The only Museum for Paper Art in the north opens in Blokhus Friday the 23th of March. Free entrance from 13 to 17.  The world of paper You may think you know paper. The thin sheets or fibres that constitute a natural part of our ...

Vejlerne - Han Vejlerne i Han Herred

Vejlerne - Vejlerne in Hanherred a Place of Thoughts When the silhouette of the eagle appears above the Bygholm meadow, thousands of migrating birds are frightened and terrified. Sometimes, it seems as if the eagles fly a round just to enjoy the effect, they have on other birds, the wh...

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If you prefer to enjoy the fine weather on foot, then the Jammerbugten area provides an impressive string of nature experiences. On a backdrop of sun reflections glinting on lake waters, gently fluttering heather and moss-clad stones, your everyday troubles disappear; and your thoughts blend in with bird migration and wide vistas. The region is rich in natural experiences – for instance, the dune plantation, Blokhus Klitplantage, would make an excellent stop where you can even bake your own bread for lunch. The dough is supplied by the nearby baker's, and nature's own oven will guarantee the most delicious Jammerbugt-bread. Later, you can take a stroll by the Blokhus beach or – which is special to Denmark – you can take your car for a long stretch on the beach, right alongside the water.

Bicycle routes in Jammerbugten

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Hiking trails in Jammerbugten

Photo: VNJ

Taste Jammerbugten

Following a day spent in life-giving nature, nothing can be more relaxing than a nice lunch or dinner close to the amazing scenery. The food scene of Jammerbugten, in North Jutland, is characterized by the surroundings and the restaurants typically have fresh fish, Vildmose potatoes and locally brewed beer on the menu. At the exclusive seaside hotel Svinkløv Badehotel, the chocolate fudge cake on the menu has achieved considerable fame. If you are not keen on eating out, the region is rich in local produce markets selling delicacies which you can enjoy in your holiday cottage.

Strandhotellet Blokhus

There is a beach hotel which will bring you closer to the North Sea. In Blokhus, you will find Strandhotellet Blokhus, a place that brings people together and a place where nature is right by your doorstep.


Strandingskroen was bought in 2019 by Strandhotellet Blokhus. Every Tuesday, fried pork and parsley sauce are served, remember to book a table. The rest of the week the restaurant is open for parties. History Strandingskroen was the main building of the original, largest “Skudeh...

Restaurant Slettestrand

In Restaurant Slettestrand you can enjoy homemade and sustainable food inspired by the nature surrounding us. Our chefs place a large effort to use the best produce from local manufactures, with a high focus on animal welfare, and ecological sustainability. We invite you to enjoy our br...

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Sleep well

In Jammerbugten you can find accommodations of all types, from the authentic and historical Beach Hotels to local private accommodations, or you can spend a night under the stars. The choices are many and it is up to you.

Strandhotellet Blokhus

There is a beach hotel which will bring you closer to the North Sea. In Blokhus, you will find Strandhotellet Blokhus, a place that brings people together and a place where nature is right by your doorstep.

Hotel Fårup

In the middle of Fårup Sommerland - a genuine 4 star family hotel, where the woodland theme is carried through right into the bedrooms. All the rooms are designed for maximum child-friendliness, encouraging woodland fun and games.

Kollerup plantage, shelter

In Kollerup Forest you will find a primitive camping area including basic toilet facilities and water.

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