Familie med Egholmfærgen

Visit the most beautiful islands in the Limfjord

Vandet ved Mors

Breathe slowly and embrace the tranquillity of Northern Jutland. In Northern Jutland, you will find the most beautiful holiday islands where you can lose yourself in dreams distancing yourself from busy everyday life. Incredible natural surroundings and clean air are waiting for you. Read more about the peaceful holiday islands below.


Egholm is placed in the middle of the Limfjord between Aalborg and Nørresundby. In just a few minutes, you can sail from the western part of Aalborg o...


Agerø is worldknown for its population of roosting, brent greese, but there's also other exciting nature experiences on Agerø. Spring and Summer: ...

The island of Livø

Livø is a car-free island where you can experience beautiful beaches, meadows, juniper forests, oak forests, coastal cliffs, fields, moor, the long an...

The island of Mors - the gem of the Limfjord

Mors is an island in the middle of the Limfjord where wonderful holiday experiences are waiting for you. Mors is known for its amazing nature, which a...

Where to sleep in North Jutland

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