Badende hund på stranden

Holiday with the dog

To rent a holiday home is the closest you'll get to "live" in North Jutland, without actually living here. You have your own house available to you, you can shop locally, stop at the farms and buy fresh produce, grab some freshly caught fish by the harbour and relax in privacy.

A holiday home is the perfect place to stay when you are bringing your dog. You you will find room for it to run about and not disturb the neighbours. Bring the dogs own bed and blanket, the food its toys, make it feel it is home, as you do. 

Many of the holiday homes in North Jutland allow dogs to stay, sometimes a small fee will be charged. But be advised that it is not allowed in every place.

Par gående på strand med hund - Hjørring Kommune

Dogs on the beach

In North Jutland, you can bring your best friend til the beach, from April till September your dog must be on a leash, but in the other months, it is free to roam. Read more about the rules of dogs on the beach.