Dreng løber i klitterne i Hirtshals


In one of Denmark's largest fishing ports, you can always find fresh, delicious, and local fish. The local atmosphere is very unique and unlike anywhere else.

If you are in North Jutland, the active fishing city of Hirtshals is definitely worth a visit. The city is well-known for its two harbours: the fishing and ferry harbour. You will find a blooming city life with fishermen smiling due to a day's good work, restaurant guests enjoying their mouth-watering dishes, and curious tourist turning their heads to see what people are doing. The ferry departing from the dock will take you to both Norway and the Faeroe Islands. Right next to the harbour, you will find the many shopping opportunities, cafées and the city centre. If you visit Hirtshals please do not forget to enjoy the amazing ocean view.

Things to do and see

Make a drive through the impressive harbor, and have a look a the local fishing boats, where you also can buy freshly caught fish and take a harbor cruise. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy, shop in the city center street of Hirtshals and visit the many exciting restaurants.

And, if you get enough of the city life, lace up your hiking boots, rent a bike or moped and make a trip around the local area in the wonderful nature surrounding Hirtshals. What showing off your excellent skills on a horseback and a beautiful ride on the beach, or enjoy a calm setting and go out fishing from the pier - this also creates possibilities of conversing with the locals or other tourists.

Things to see in Hirtshals

Restaurants and places to eat

Hirtshals has plenty of cosy dining places, specialising in serving delicious fish, which comes directly from the harbour.

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Whether you are looking for private accommodation, a hotel or camping sites - Hirtshals has it all!

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Hirtshals sommerhus

For more information about holidays in Hirtshals visit Destination Nordvestkysten.


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9850 Hirtshals


Longitude: 9.9586618

Latitude: 57.5887526